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Schematic design solutions

Take your idea from concept to product

Our state-of-the-art schematic design solutions frees you to maximize productivity, collaborate seamlessly, and meet time-to-market - everytime.

Schematic, skjemategning, diagramtegning, schemaritning

Our schematic design solutions

Whether you are a one-person team or a team member in cooperate - we have a solution for you.
Allegro X, features, schematic, PCB Design
Allegro X System Capture
Intended for system design
Constraint Manager
System Design
Advanced Annotation
Variant Control
Component Control
Electrical Stress Analysis
Take Allegro X System Capture for a spin
OrCAD X, features, schematic, PCB Design
OrCAD X Capture CIS
Intended for electronic circuit design
Constraint Manager
Version Control
Cloud CIS w. Part manager and variants
Variant Control
ODBC-based CIS w. Part manager and variants
Cloud workspace management
Take OrCAD X Capture CIS for a spin

Top features

Create and manage part database schema and libraries in the cloud.
Intuitive workspace
Maximize your workspace by easily arranging floating toolbars and panes and customizing menus.
Extensive model library
Access an extensive system with thousands of reference designs and users.
Design synchronization
Identify and fix issues within your schematic as you design in real-time.
Hierarchical and flat design
Seamlessly toggle between structured hierarchy and simplified flat design for versatile system organization.
Integrated DRC and ERC
Don't just identify errors - prevent them before they happen.
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Meet a client

We quickly realized that there were many low-hanging fruits we could pick to streamline the process. They have been responsive to our needs, highly proficient in delivery, and adept at asking probing questions to challenge us.

Nordcad has also assisted in automating output, ensuring consistent results every time. Our experience with Nordcad's support has been very positive; they are helpful and quick to assist.

Torsten Larsen
Global ECAD Solution Owner

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