More than 30 years experience with ECAD systems

We’ve been around since the 80s and know all the in’s and out’s of the electronics industry. We know what it takes to succeed with electronics design today, and our excellent staff help out both new businesses and some of the largest enterprises with getting started with the right design tools.

We do much more than supply the best software to the industry. We provide our customers a complete solution that entails technology- and system development. Our team is specialized in building component databases that contain information for the entire company, resulting in a highly optimized workflow.

Our expert technicians can train you in using the tools, and they are also at your service on hotline support to answer any technical questions. We help you with everything from schematic, simulation and PCB design, and can also guide you in choosing the next generation’s technologies.

Companies that have chosen us

Let’s raise the bar for electronics design

We represent Cadence in the entire Northern region, and we are proud to be sole supplier of OrCAD and Allegro software for electronics development. We continously strive to provide the best services to our users. Our team of dedicated employees understand the many challenges you may face during your development process. We’re always one step ahead in the game, and we know exactly how to help you create the electronics of the future.


We deliver


Charlie Giorgetti
Vice President of OrCAD and Allegro Sales

”I would like to personally thank Nordcad for your dedication you have shown to our common customers, and for being a valued Cadence partner. The dedication, energy and commitment you have shown to customers has been Nordcad’s traits from the start. Consequently Nordcad is highly regarded for your superlative service.”