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We don't just deliver products

We deliver the complete package for a successful workflow

At Nordcad, we go beyond delivering products - we create an integrated electronics development solution that spans from design to production. With our extensive portfolio of industry-leading tools and expertise, you ensure a tailored solution that precisely fits your needs.

Our dedicated team of experts supports you on your journey towards success, whether it's about consultation, support, or technical expertise.

We continuously offer courses, training, webinars, and articles, so you can always stay ahead with the latest developments. With Nordcad as your partner, you can be certain of achieving expertise and excellence in all aspects of future electronics development - from idea to reality.

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Even a master is never done training. Our focus is to make you a true expert. That's why sharing knowledge is at the core of our philosophy.
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A well-informed decision is always the best decision. Try our products and get a demo, before you decide. It's free - of course.
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A seamless start with our products is our top priority. Besides support, we have collected additional ressources of value for you.

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How to track every stage of your design process?
What processes should be part of an integration
What data are relevant
24 October, 2023
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