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We offer digitisation of all parts of your business. At Nordcad, we develop innovative software systems and help companies automate processors and manual tasks.

  • Software development for the electronics industry
  • Specialists in digital automation
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Output automation

These plugins for OrCAD allow you to create a fixed setup of post-processing data and BOMs, so you no longer have to spend time setting up the format every time output needs to be generated.

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Fixed setup of BOMs

Avoid spending time setting up BOMs and get an automated plugin that is used to automate the loading of the BOM into your ERP or PLM system.

Automatic handling of title blocks

Make it possible to update your title blocks in OrCAD completely automatically. Configure once and setup will automatically handle your title blocks.

Ensure the same quality every time

Get the same output for your BOM or gerber output and ensure that you get the same quality every time output data is generated. This will reduce human errors and omissions.

Automation solutions

Save time and effort and ensure the quality of your output

Automated PCB Output

OrCAD PCB Editor

Just press a single button and the format will come out the same every time. This ensures a high quality of output data, and at the same time saves time and effort on a constant setup of data. You have the option of getting data out in both PDF, gerber output, drill data, STEP files and much more.

  • Ensures the quality of PCB output data
  • Secures the same data every time
  • Save time and effort – you avoid manually setting up a new output every time
  • Automating title blocks in your designs
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Automated Schematic Output

OrCAD Capture CIS

A standard setup is included for a SQL CIP database or setup without using a database. If additional setup is desired, consulting hour(s) can be purchased to configure the plugin, so it is adapted exactly to your company. This could be configuration for use of Access database.

  • Ensures the same quality of your BOMs
  • Secures the same data every time
  • Save time and effort – get rid of manually setting up a new parts list every time
  • Automating title blocks in your designs
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Shall we develop for you?

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