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Electronics Simulation

Simulation with PSpice

To ensure that your design does not contain critical errors, you should perform simulation of your circuit. There are several free tools on the market for this, but the reality is that you can rarely trust the results.

We offer the market's most secure and powerful simulators to test the design both before and after construction. By testing your circuit, you avoid expensive mistakes and you ensure the quality of the finished product.

  • Circuit Optimization
  • Enhanced Capabilities
  • Viewing and analysis

Why choose PSpice?

  • Circuit analysis
  • DC, frequency, noise and time-domain analysis
  • 33.000+ digital and analogue models included
  • Test of component tolerances influence on circuit
  • Import/export of data and documentation
  • Simulate directly on schematics within OrCAD Capture
  • Download simulation models directly from vendor (
  • Frequency response analysis
  • Temperature-, stress- and stability analysis
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Get started with simulating using PSpice Basic

In this webinar, you will learn how to use PSpice Basic, which is included in OrCAD PCB Designer Standard/Professional. The webinar is for everyone who is interested in implementing simulation in the design process.

Choose the tool that fits your needs!

Are you working in or running a startup or enterprise? We have a solution for everyone.
Perfect for the PCB designer
PCB Designer
For smaller projects
Simulation up to 250 nodes
Standard simulation types
Free trial
PSpice Designer
Simulation for larger projects and large use
Analog og mixed signal
Stress/smoke analysis
Open architecture and easy to customise
Free trial
For the engineer who wants it all
PSpice Plus
For larger projects and advanced optimisation
System simulation
Determining the best components
Fine tune design and optimisation of designs
Maximise performance, yield and cost effectiveness
Monte Carlo analysis - ensure that 'in use' errors do not occur
Free trial

Compare products

PCB Designer 
Popular choice
PSpice Designer
PSpice Designer Plus
AC, DC, Transient, FFT, Monte Carlo, Sensitivity and Worst case analysis*
Limited and up to 250 nodes
Model Wizards
Smoke/Stress analysis
Monte Carlo & Sensitivity visualisation plus circuit optimisation
System Simulation
PSpice-Matlab Interface and co-simulation/-visualisation

Want to learn more about OrCAD and PSpice?

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