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This is how a change of your ECAD tools can take place

We recommend and always offer to carry out a preliminary study. Here, we find out where and how the work flow can be made more efficient. We have years of experience with these studies, and have been able to demonstrate every time that there is a lot of money to be saved by having an ECAD system that is integrated with the rest of the company. We prepare the report as a consulting assignment, and can also be used in connection with process optimisation and efficiency.

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Once the tool is purchased, we are still with you

Along with our tools, service automatically follows. This means that we set up the tools on your IT system, we create deployment packages and integrate the system together with your other IT tools. If your company uses SCCM script or if you have another need for easy deployment, our experts can also help with that.

Translation and development

Our tools have a built-in translator and can translate from many e-CAD systems. This makes it possible to bring your existing and old designs, footprints and symbols into the new system.

Should our built-in translator not be sufficient, we have a strong collaboration with Elgris in the USA, which can translate from all imaginable e-CAD tools. Elgris also develops translation programs, and you are welcome to contact us to hear more about this.

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Education and training

Learning a new design program and new systems can be time-consuming. We offer a wide range of opportunities for training and education in your new tools.

We always offer you our free online training material, and also hold single and multi-day training courses in the tools, which can either take place at your place or at our place. See our offer of online courses and physical education in our webshop.


Ongoing support and guidance

Once the new tools have been purchased and replaced with the old ones, you must start using them in your daily work. Here you have access to our skilled hotline support, where a number of technicians are ready to help you.

Our support is much more than just using the tools. We are also happy to help you choose the right technology, and we are also happy to see when you have made your first design and whether you have remembered everything.


Interested in a change of tools?

Get in touch for an introductory and non-binding dialogue with one of our specialists about the many options at Nordcad.

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