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Minimise margin of error and maximise efficiency with Fidelity™ CFD

  • All-in-one simulation tool that simplifies meshing, simulation and post-processing
  • Customised and intuitive interface for an optimised workflow

Solve complex flow equations in record speed

Customised GUI
Customise your interface with the applications and tools you need and remove the unnecessary to optimise your workflow.
With Autoseal, the time consuming process of manual input of geometric parameters is automated - without quality loss of your mesh.
Iterative flow analysis
With flow analysis, you can achieve increased performance, efficiency, reduced energy consumption, minimised costs, and better designs.
Industry-specific templates
Configurations adapted to the industry or project you work in make it quick and easy to get off to a great start.

Unique features in an all-in-one solution

No more switching between environments. Save time and resources with one complete CFD platform.

  • Import, setup of geometric parameters, meshing, resource management, data analysis and optimisation all in one place
  • Reduction in the file import process means ease and increased speed in your simulations
  • Enjoy realistic 3D modeling without loss of quality or accuracy
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Optimise your designs while respecting the project's resources and allocated time.

  • Mix and match iterations and adjust the simulation parameters according to the phenomena, conditions and flow domains being measured.
  • Save time rebuilding simulation parameters and files for external workflows by gathering and automating on one GUI.
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Accommodate to industry specific flow domains and physical phenomena.

  • Fidelity eliminates the need for custom codes and algorithms with the integration of industry specific templates and modules.
  • Connect to external and internal tools to optimise your workflow in a user-friendly environment.
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