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RF & Antenne Design

Driven by frequency. Built with passion.

The best design platform for developing RF/microwave products. AWR is a complete software solution for RF/microwave design and development that enables you to get to the bottom of RF electronics quickly.

  • System simulation and wireless communication
  • EM Extraction
  • RF/microwave design

AWR, the best design platform for developing RF/microwave products

AWR is an integrated software solution for RF/microwave design and development that enables you, with integrated high-frequency circuit simulation (Microwave Office), system simulation (VSS) and EM simulation (AXIEM/Analyst), to quickly succeed with RF electronics.

The software solution helps you gain an understanding of all parts of the circuit and achieve optimal performance in all stages of the design from IC to IC package and PCB layout – in your first attempt!

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RF and Microwave Circuits

Cover all parts of RF and microwave design development, from circuit creation, circuit analysis, layout, optimization, extraction (EM) to final verification.

Communication and Radar systems

You can develop architecture and specifications for RF systems, perform system analyses, budgeting and co-simulation based on parameterised standard RF blocks.

Antenna and EM analyses

Design, analyse and optimise antennas using planar and 3D electromagnetic (EM) solvers and simulate S-parameters, visualization of currents and radiation diagrams.
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IQM uses AWR to make RF/microwave chips for quantum computers.

We also use AWR to design RF matching circuits and components such as filters and I think AWR offers good opportunities to speed up our efforts for all of this.
Jaakko Jussila
Team leader, IQM Quantum Computers
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3D EM Analysis

AXIEM 3D Planar is a method-of-moments (MoM) EM analysis simulator for passive structures such as transmission lines, planar and patch antennas.

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3D Planar EM Analysis

With 3D planar electromagnetic (EM), you can extract S-parameters and verify your design through it.
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RF/Microwave Designs

Microwave Office enables you to reach your goals faster and more efficiently, with its intuitive user interface and innovative automations.

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AWR products

A solution for everyone. All our licenses are available linear or non-linear.
EDA Platform AWR
EDA platform for
RF/microwave products
Integrated UI
AWR Design Environment
Innovative design platform
Familiar Windows UI
Supports complex designs
Custom scripts integrated
Hierarchical projects
Synchronised layout
Optimisation options
Free AWR trial
Extension to platform
AWR simulation of RF/microwave
Circuit analysis
AWR Microwave Office
Synchronised layout
Stability analysis
Impedance matching and filter design
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Extension to platform
AWR system simulation & wireless communication
System simulation
AWR Visual system simulation
5G/IoT communikation with signal processing
Radar and defence systems
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Extension to platform
S-parameter extraction & 3D structure analysis
EM Extraction
AWR AXIEM & Analyst
Meshing technology
High-Performance Computing
Schematic EM extraction tekchology & EM analysis
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