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Schematic design to electronic development

Start electronics development with the industry's most widely used diagram tool. By combining schematic design capture technology with extensive simulation and board layout capabilities, you can achieve design intent correctly from the start.

  • Enter, modify, and verify your schematic with seamless transition to layout.
  • Integrate with a robust CIS to promote the reuse of high-quality part data.

Get ahead with OrCAD Capture

For several years, OrCAD Capture has been the no. 1 schematics tool in the industry. With Capture, you get an intuitive tool for creation and documentation of electrical citcuits. Using Capture along with CIS (component information system) for component data management, you have an all-round design platform including variant- and component control.

  • Unified Search for millions of components
  • Online Design Rule Check
  • Hierarchical design and reuse
  • Signal Integrity analysis
  • Intelligent PDF forma
Capture schematics

Cross probing with PCB

You can find components or nets on your PCB fast and simple, directly from Capture. Click on a component in Capture and see it highlighted in your PCB tool.

Constraint Management integrated with PCB

As a hardware engineer, it must be possible to set up rules for the PCB Designer, which you have full control over in Capture.

Database integration

With the CIS option, you can integrate all kinds of databases to Capture. We recommend the CIP database. 

Diagramtegning Capture

Upgrade to System Capture

With System Capture, you get a complete electronics design platform for system design and multi-board design. This solution is intuitive and includes countless high-level og user-friendly features, making you even more efficient from day one.

System Capture lets you easily import existing Capture projects and symbols. With an integration to a CIS database, you are ensured full access to all your components and symbols.

  • Block diagram support
  • Simple creation and control of variants
  • Live BOM updates
  • Version-on-save version control

Step into the next era of electronics design with OrCAD X.

Complex technology is redefining requirements for efficiency, quality, and cost. With OrCAD X, you enter the next era of electronics development, where high-end features are now more accessible and user-friendly – an opportunity to explore advanced functions that were previously limited to more expensive solutions.

  • Extensive functionality
  • 10x higher performance
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Constraint-driven and collaborative

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OrCAD Capture
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We recommend
OrCAD X Capture
Constraint Manager
Signal Integrity
Advanced Annotation
Variant Control
Component Control
Electrical Stress Analysis
Cloud CIS w. part manager and varianter
ODBC-based CIS w. part manager and variants
Cloud design workspace
Cloud workspace management
Version Control
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