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inspectAR - PCB Inspection

inspectAR is an intelligent viewport addition for your laboratory, that you can access with your smartphone camera and an external camera connected to a computer. With inspectAR, you get augmented reality overlays directy on top of your board. This makes it easy for you to debug and optimise your work with a board returned from the PCB manufacturer.

Get rid of the old test methods, where you need to compare your board with gerber output files. You can now handle these tasks all at once.

  • Open the application
  • Calibrate your board
  • Enjoy the full 3D overlay on your board in 1:1 scale

Find components quickly

Find all your components fast and easy on your PCB. You can select any object on the PCB, reference designators, components etc. These elements will then appear automatically as an overlay on through your camera.

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Direct overlay on your print

Do you also find it difficult to inspect your PCB in the lab? Use inspectAR and release yourself from .pdf-files and papers in the lab. 

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Investigate and find connections

Finding and viewing connections in inspectAR is super fast. Simply select a net name and inspectAR will automatically show you all elements related to that net.

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Professional (Single user)
Max 3 team members per project
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Rolling updates
Compatible with KiCad and Eagle
IPC2581-B support (Cadence, Altium, Mentor Graphics)
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On-premise solution

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