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Component Management & Version Control

Handle your components fast and easy using a component management system, get an overview of all design revisions, and make sure your design are up to date using version control.

  • All changes to the schematic and PCB are traceable
  • All designers store design and component data in the same place
  • Avoid errors with direct access to component distributors
  • SiliconExpert integration

Experience the possibilities with a component management system


With OrCAD Component Information Portal, you can track components and see where they are used in each project.

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OrCAD Engineering Data Management is the ideal tool for keeping track of versions and changes made during the electronics design process.

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Allegro Pulse

With Pulse, you get an even shorter design process with a guarantee to meet all your deadlines.

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Component and Data Management

Access distributor databases and add components directly with OrCAD.


Component database

Get an overview of your components. You can see where the components are used in each individual project. It takes no time to replace a component that is obsolete or has a long delivery time.

  • Ready-to-run database
  • Integration with distributor database
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Version Control of design data

Are you multiple hardware designers working on the same design? Then EDM is a perfect tool! With EDM, you can version control all of your designdata, documentation and even your footprints, as well as schematic symbols. 

  • Team design
  • Version Control
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Ready to learn about the many advantages using a component management system?

Do you spend a lot of time creating new components?
Do you have an overview of which components are used in your BOM?
Do you also find it difficult to retrieve data from your distributor into your component database?
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Add the design to EDM

Start by adding the project or design to your EDM server, so all team members can work on it.

  • Access to all project data directly from the design environment
  • All changes to the schematic and the PCB are traceable

Check out and start designing

Check out the pages that you are working on. Your colleagues can still work on the same project, only just on a different page or sub-element at the same time.

  • All team members store files the same place, so everything is accessible to everyone working on the project
  • Check-in and check-out of files

Check in and make it ready for the next hardware developer

When you finished working on a page, you have to check it back in. That page will now be available to everyone in your team without ever leaving OrCAD.

  • Easy to create new versions of Bill of Materials with company design
  • Handles diagram symbols, foot prints and design data

Learn more about component management

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