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Product Lifecycle Management

Solve any need for product- and document management with PLM. Built to optimise operational business results and free you from spending unnecessary time updating traceability, lifecycles and other product documentation.

  • Optimal and efficient collaboration across departments and interdisciplinary teams
  • Minimise sources of error and inconsistent data sets

10 years ago, designs had long life cycles and components could have a lifespan of 20 years or more. Today, the life cycle of a design is considerably shortened and a component rarely lives more than 5 years. Today, there are greater and stricter requirements for traceability, documentation and transparency in a product's life cycle. With a PLM system integrated to your ECAD tools, you free up both time and resources by automating these processes.

Explore our selection of PLM-solutions

eBom by Nordcad has more than 10 years of experience with PLM and is the main distributor of Highstage PLM. Highstage is the market's most flexible tool for PLM to date and excels in easy implementation and high user-friendliness. With a direct integration to your ECAD tools, it enables effortless and error-free product capture and document management.

The team is based in Malmö, Sweden, and helps customers across Europe with tailored PLM solutions.

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XPLM offers complex integration solutions for more than 100 different systems and is continuously expanding their portfolio. Their expertise includes integration solutions for PLM, ECAD, MCAD, software and ERP systems, as well as data conversion and data migration when changing systems.

Nordcad is a Gold Partner for XPLM and creates integrations together with XPLM that allows you to stay in your CAD tool without having to access the PLM system to check data in and out. This ensures that you are always working with the latest revision of the design and you can say goodbye to using Excel as a revision manager.

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A collaborative journey that takes you all the way


Implementing a new PLM system has extensive implications for your team's and company's workflow. No decisions, big or small, need to be made, before you try a demo or trial our PLM solutions. Explore options and discover how effortless documentation becomes with a direct integration to your ECAD tool.


Regardless of whether you want to integrate PLM in a newly started company, a global enterprise or somewhere in between, we will guide you on your digital transformation. At kick-off and implementation, we will be ready to teach, train and adjust your PLM solution before we go live.


No matter how comprehensive preparation and implementation is, there will always be small hiccups and room for optimization and improvement. We arrange regular check-ins and ongoing support so that you can integrate your PLM solution to perfection.


Your PLM solution must follow your company's development. As your company grows, your needs for product management and document management expand as well. We carry out regular reviews, keep you updated with new features and expand with new user groups as needed.

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