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A robust PCB CAM tool and analysis software

From DRC to DFM analysis, GerbTool gives you all the features needed to ensure the production of high-quality PCBS, all the while time-to-market and cycle time are reduced.

When the design phase is completed, it is important to check that the data is correct, before sending it to the print manufacturer. Such verification takes only a few minutes and eliminates the risk of missing data -or incorrect data being sent. At the same time, you can do an electrical check to ensure that the data conforms to the grid list that was the starting point for the PCB. This way you avoid sending Gerber or other intelligent data packages containing short circuits, missing connection or other errors.


Free IPC-2581 Viewer

  • Visualise - Set Visibility and Color of Layers, Pads, Traces, Drills, and Nets
  • Inspect – Use hierarchical data Navigator, interactive inspection tools and usage reports
  • Measure – Point to Point, Edge to Edge, Center to Center
  • Markup – Annotate with Mark-up Text to easily communicate issues/instructions

Wise Software CAM solutions

Wise Software has a wide range of CAM software solutions, whether it is for the PCB Designer or the production company, we have license types that matches everyone. You can use GerbTool or VisualCAM to verify your design data and optimize your PCB.

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High usability

Intuitive tools that are easy to learn and use.

Import/eksport data

Includes intelligent data packages such as IPC-2581 and ODB++

DFM Analysis

Advanced DFM analysis secures your data before sending it to production.

Wise Software products

Are you a PCB Designer or do you work in a production company, we have a solution for everyone.
GerbTool Communicator
For visual verification
Redline Markup
One step over freeware
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GerbTool Inspector
For design verification and basic optimisations
Basic verification
Alle features fra GerbTool Communicator 
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Perfect for the PCB Designer
GerbTool Designer
Full control of the design before you sent it to production
Netlist im-/export/compare
Basic panelisation
Mask Generation & Optimisation
NC Drill filer with integrated NC Editor
All features from GerbTool Inspector
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Powerful production CAM software package
Panelisation Advanced
Bare-Board Test Fixturing
Manufacturing verification
Assembly processing
Dynamic DFM analyses
All features from GerbTool Designer
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