About Nordcad

Your local E-CAD supplier


We want to be the largest supplier of software for electronics design in the Northern region


We want to support Nordic electronics designers, to ensure that they stay ahead of their competitors and go from idea to finished product using the latest technologies.


We strive to have the highest level of competencies, so we can continue developing the industry’s conditions.

We want to be first-choice on all educational institutions to ensure qualified workforce in the industry.

Our story

Founding of Nordcad

Nordcad Systems A/S is established and is now a supplier of OrCAD products for schematic (STD) and PCB layout (PCB2/PCB386). The computer had just started to emerge in electronics development, and the first orders of software were delivered by motorcycle and consisted of floppy disks. Shortly after this point, we started selling and supporting Microsim PSpice for mixed analogue/digital simulations.

In 1988 Arvid Thorndahl in hired to conduct sales and marketing.

New owners

In 1994 Arvid Thorndahl takes over the ownership of Nordcad as CEO. At this point in time, OrCAD schematic is starting to be the first choice in the industry. PSpice was also well known and used in the industry, on educational institutions with e.g. the lite version. Most orders to Nordcad were faxed in, and licenses distributed via carrier. Licenses were accompanied with huge user manuals, and training sessions were conducted with overhead projectors.

In 1995 Ole Ejlersen joins Nordcad as CTO, and he quickly becomes an important asset to the company. Ole is responsible for creating new standards within technical support, which to this day is an essential part of Nordcad’s services. In 2001 Ole gets stakes in the company, and together with Arvid they begin a journey to becoming the leading ECAD supplier in the Northern region.

Largest supplier in the Nordic region

In January 2017 came the opportunity to distribute to electronics companies in Norway under the subsidiary Nordcad AS. At this time Nordcad becomes the largest supplier of software for electronics development in Scandinavia.

Nordcad’s focus is to strengthen the Danish and Norwegian electronics industry, and therefore established an office in a science park in Oslo. From here we can contribute to developing the startup environment and share knowledge and experience with a large network of smaller electronics companies.

The growth of Nordcad is continuous concurrently with helping many Danish companies integrate their design tools and other systems such as PLM and ERP.

Taking over distribution in Sweden

1 september 2019 Nordcad takes over distribution of Cadence in Sweden, Finland and Estonia. Nordcad buys up the Swedish distributor Gateline, and is now represented in the entire Northern region. At the same time, Søren Jul Christiansen and Ulrich Jespersen as owners, and Nordcad is now run by a four-person team. The technical team grows from six to nine members, who cover multiple competencies within PCB design, software development, simulation, signal integrity, power integrity, component control, hotline support etc.

Four companies – one brand

On 1 July 2020 the Finnish company Nordcad Oy is founded as an independent sister company to the Danish Nordcad Systems A/S, and is no longer run by the Swedish distributor GATEline by Nordcad. The Finnish company continues to run distribution of Cadence in Estonia.

On 1 July 2021 GATEline by Nordcad officially undergoes a name change, and is now Nordcad AB. All four companies in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark now carry the same brand.

On the same date Nordcad AB moves to new office facilities: Elektronvägen 4, 141 49 Huddinge.

From 15 August Nordcad Systems A/S also moves to a new location: Ryesgade 60b, 9000 Aalborg.

Our values



We take responsibility for timely delivery of consultant tasks, and put great honor in completing tasks after customer requirements and needs.


We understand the importance of adapting to customers’ requirements and wishes, and are always available to our users when they need us.


We work with some of the leading electronics companies in the industry, and always handle data with confidentiality and respect.