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About Nordcad

The top supplier of ECAD tools and solutions in the Nordic countries. With Nordcad as partner, you get access to the market's best technological platforms - whether it is a single program for schematics or fully developed systems with advanced software for CFD, SI, PI, RF, antenna analysis simulations, PCB and integrations for your PLM system. The industry's best hotline support can help and guide you effectively, so you can get off to a great start and ensure success.

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Team Nordcad
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Our company policies

To be driven by expertise, dedication, passion, flexibility and support.

To become essential to our customers by providing diverse tools and excellent service to engineers and helping them strive for success.

To be the go-to solution in software for Nordic engineers.

The founding of Nordcad

Nordcad Systems A/S is founded, and becomes a distributor of the OrCAD products for schematics (SDT) and print layout (PCB2/PCB386). At this time, the PC has entered the development of electronics, and the first deliveries of software takes place via motorbike and are in the form of floppy disks. Soon after, sales and support of Microsim PSpice for mixed analog/digital simulation begins.

In 1988, Arvid Thorndahl starts in sales and marketing.


New owners

In 1994, Arvid Thorndahl takes over the ownership and is inlisted as CEO. At the time, OrCAD was becoming the industry’s preferred diagramming tool. At the same time, PSpice had a good hold both in industry, schools and students, e.g. with their lite version. Many orders came in by fax and licenses were sent out by carrier. There were thick manuals for the tools and training was conducted using overhead projectors.

In 1995, Ole Ejlersen is enlisted as CTO, and he quickly becomes a major asset for Nordcad. Ole sets new standards for technical support, and has been a decisive factor in Nordcad consistently providing unsurpassed support to all users. In 2001, Ole becomes part of the ownership group, and together with Arvid, a race to become the Nordic region’s leading ECAD supplier begins.


Largest supplier in the North

On January 1st 2017, the opportunity to service electronics companies in Norway opens up, and Nordcad becomes responsible for distribution to Norwegian electronics companies under the subsidiary Nordcad AS. At this point, Nordcad becomes Scandinavia’s largest supplier of software for electronics development.

In Nordcad, we are constantly working towards the goal of strengthening Danish and Norwegian electronics development, which is why a physical office was opened in Forskningsparken in Oslo in 2019. Here, we will contribute to the development of the innovation environment, as well as share our knowledge and skills with the network.

The growth in Nordcad continues as we help a large number of Danish companies integrate the electronics design tools and other systems such as PLM/ERP/financial systems.


Acquisition of the Swedish distributor

On September 1st 2019, Nordcad takes over negotiations from Cadence in Sweden, Finland and Estonia. Nordcad acquires the Swedish distributor Gateline and thus becomes represented throughout the Nordic region. At the same time, Søren Jul Christiansen and Ulrich Jespersen join the ownership circle, and Nordcad is now run by a team of four people. The technical department grows with another 3 people to a total of 9 technicians, who cover a wide range of skills such as PCB design, software development, simulation, signal integrity, power integrity, component management, hotline support, etc.


Four companies - one name

On July 1st 2020, the Finnish company Nordcad OY is established as an affiliated company to Nordcad Systems A/S, and is no longer under the Swedish supplier GATEline by Nordcad. At the same time, the Finnish company continues the distribution of Cadence to Estonia.

On July 1st 2021, GATEline by Nordcad officially changes its name to Nordcad AB, and all four companies in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark now bear the same name in order to achieve greater synergy across national borders. This means that the companies can jointly contribute to raising the standard for electronics development across the entire Nordic region.

On the same day, Nordcad AB moves to new premises: Elektronvägen 4, 141 49 Huddinge.

On August 15th, Nordcad Systems A/S moves to larger premises: Ryesgade 60b, 9000 Aalborg.


Our core values


We take responsibility for delivering agreed tasks on time, and we take great pride in solving the tasks according to the customer's wishes and needs.


We have a great understanding of the importance of adapting to the customer's requirements and wishes, and are always available when the customer needs help.


We work with the leading electronics companies in the Nordic countries, and will therefore always handle data with confidentiality, and treat the customer with respect.

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