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Electronics cooling & Thermal analysis

Cadence Celsius EC Solver is an advanced software for simulating electronics cooling, providing precise and fast analysis of thermal performance. It reduces the risk of product failures and optimizes thermal solutions for maximum performance.

  • It enables the analysis of complex systems through accurate simulation of heat transfer and fluid flows.
  • The software offers an integrated solution with electro-thermal co-simulation capabilities and supports simulation of layered and 3D structures.

Software for thermal performance analysis and electronic cooling

Cadence® Celsius™ EC Solver from Cadence (formerly 6SigmaET from Future Facilities) assists electronics designers in precisely and rapidly solving thermal and cooling-related challenges. With advanced mesh generation and a powerful computation engine, Celsius EC Solver can optimize thermal solutions and minimize the risk of product failures and heat-related wear.

  • Achieve rapid solutions with CAD import and editing, 1D flow network capabilities, UI modeling, animation, and automation functionality.
  • Get your products to the market faster with increased confidence and security.

Electrical/thermal analysis in the DC domain

Celsius EC Solver analyzes fluid  flow, and heat transfer in even the most complex electronic systems. The software addresses convection, conduction, and radiation using a proprietary meshing technology (MLUS). Celsius EC Solver analyzes airflow, temperature, and heat transfer in electronics assemblies and enclosures. The solver can calculate for natural convection, forced convection, solar heating, and liquid cooling.

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Accurate analysis of object-based meshing

The object-based meshing feature adjusts the mesh to ensure precise analysis of your product. Rules can be optionally defined to provide guidance for meshing and ensure that individual objects are simulated correctly. This feature ensures accurate and reliable results in the analysis process.

Fast analysis of complex electronic designs

Parallel processing distributes simulation tasks across multiple cores and machines, enabling fast analysis of complex electronic designs in both transient and steady-state simulation modes. This efficient technology reduces the overall time required to evaluate the design's performance.

Flawless analysis of complex MCAD models

Complex Mechanical Computer-Aided Design (MCAD) models can be directly imported from Creo Parametric, Solidworks, CATIA, and other MCAD tools. MCAD models can be analyzed without simplification, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of complex mechanical designs for accurate results.

Extended 1D-flownetwork capabilities

  • Transient simulation with component power
  • Simultaneous simulation of connected 1D and 3D models
  • Results for pressure, pressure drop, and flow rate on pipes/channels
  • Automatic placement of intelligent modeling objects
  • Color highlighting on pipes and channels reflecting selected variables
  • Support for high-performance computing (HPC)
  • Export of images/videos, versioning, and export of version structure.
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Why you should choose Celsius Thermal Solver

Solid modeling

Improved CAD import and editing allow import from all major CAD software providers and enable direct changes within the software.

Thermal modeling

Expanded 1D flow network capabilities include transient simulation with component power and display of pressure, pressure drop, flow rate, and velocity on pipes and channels.


Intuitive user interface (UI) with intelligent object modeling, easy navigation, and tools that make object selection and manipulation easier.

10x faster performance

Celsius Thermal Solver provides up to 10 times faster performance (compared to older versions), resulting in significant efficiency improvement in thermal analysis and simulation.

Animation og report generation

Ability to filter tables, customize object plots and legends, and create animations and automation, providing flexibility and efficiency.

High-performance computing

Supports high-performance computing (HPC) for more efficient computation and effective job management on both Windows and Linux machines.

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