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Learn software design in your own time! Our courses are developed by our own technical team, because we want you to get the best training experience.

Each course consists of several modules with exercises and/or video instructions and PDF training material. You can follow the course from start to finish, or simply choose the section or sections needed for your design process.

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How does our online training work? – Try for yourself below

Here you can test one of our popular courses, Schematic Design with OrCAD Capture. You can see the content of the course, but the material and videos are adjusted for this preview and not in full length.

Overview of all online courses

This course teaches you to get started using OrCAD Capture in the right way.

  • 8 hrs workload
  • Beginner’s course, but suitable for experiences users as well
  • Creating schematics from start to finish

In this course you will get started with designing PCBs with OrCAD PCB Designer.

  • 8 hrs workload
  • Beginner’s course
  • Learn how to design PCB Layout

The course is for users who already are familiar with PCB Editor or who has completed the PCB Design intro course. You will learn how to create constraints and how the Constraint Manager works in PCB Editor.

  • 8 hrs workload
  • Learn advanced constraint setup in PCB Editor

This course teaches you to review a design. The Free Viewer is used in the training, and you can take the course without having a license.

  • 4 hrs workload
  • For all users, incl. those without a license
  • Get to know the OrCAD Free Viewer and it’s features

There will be a few limitations in the training material if you do not have a Capture license.

This is an introduction course to PSpice, where you will get a thorough understanding of the basic features and analysis types.

  • 8 hrs workload
  • Beginner’s course
  • Learn how to simulate your circuits

Prior to taking this course, you should already be familiar with PSpice, or take the PSpice Intro course. You will get a thorough understanding of PSpice, and learn many of the features and opportunities you get with the tool.

  • 16 hrs workload
  • Thorough training in using PSpice
  • Learn to use analysis types (Monte Carlo, Worst case etc.)

This course will you a thorough knowledge about the advanced PSpice features, that are included in a PSpice Plus license. You should be familiar with using PSpice before taking this advanced course.

  • 8 hrs workload
  • Learn how to analyse components and see if they function correctly
  • Get to know PSpice Plus

Learn about the more advanced modelling features in PSpice. The PSpice technology offers more than 33,000 models of different units and components, which are included in the PSpice tool.

  • 8 hrs workload
  • Learn the use of PSpice models for simulating your circuits
  • Create your own PSpice models

This course teaches you everything you need to know to use OrCAD Component Information Portal (CIP). Learn how to search for components, and to introduce new components from various component suppliers.

  • 4 hrs workload
  • Get to know a component management system

In this course you will learn to use OrCAD Engineering Data Management (EDM). After the course you will know to create projects, handle PCB data and library data.

  • 4 hrs workload
  • Learn how to version control your projects

You will learn to write your own functions and commands that extend the existing OrCAD/Allegro PCB Editor functions. Experience with working in OrCAD or Allegro PCB Editor is required.

  • 6 sessions online training
  • Introduction to the SKILL programming language
  • Reading and writing to the PCB Editor database and user interface

FULL course is 6 half days and will be held online on the following dates. Read more and see the dates.