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Test vs. simulation in RF development

In the webinar, you will receive valuable advice on:

The combination of testing and simulation on your designs When should you simulate? When should you test? In PCB and RF design, engineers often face challenges when it comes to ensuring the performance and reliability of their designs.

To address these challenges, two key methods are employed – namely, testing and simulation.

These methods are indispensable when it comes to

validating designs, identifying potential issues, and optimizing the overall functionality of the design. A combination of both simulation and testing is the optimal approach to achieve the best results.

By leveraging the strengths of each method, you can gain comprehensive insight throughout the entire design process.

Here, simulation serves as a safety net throughout the project, and it should be used as early as possible in the design phase.

It allows you to explore various options regarding component type, design structure, documentation, verification, analysis, etc.

Additionally, physical testing enables engineers to validate the design under real conditions and uncover issues that might be overlooked during simulation.

In this way, you can ensure that the performance aligns with the expectations for the design.

And ultimately save time, money, and resources.

In general, measurements are absolutely indispensable when it comes to RF development and approval.


Emil Feldborg Buskgaard
Senior Simulation and RF Specialist
Nordcad Systems A/S
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