Get Student License

Free for all students

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We receive your application automatically, once you completed the form.

It takes up to five office days to process your application, and you will then receive your license file in your student e-mail.

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    NOTE! You need to renew your license application after 12 months!

    You can get a free license during your entire education. However, a license is only valid for one year at the time.
    You therefore need to return to this page and apply again after 12 months.

    We strive to deliver your license to you within five office days, provided there are no mistakes in your application.

    Instructions for installation will be send along with your license file.

    The student license is complete with tools for:

    • Schematics
    • Component management
    • PCB design
    • PCB routing
    • PSpice simulation

    A student license is only valid for students in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland and Estonia!