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Leading experts in complex integrations, offering solutions for maximum flexibility and scalability with a goal of successful product innovation.

  • PLM integration solutions for 100+ PLM systems
  • PLM/CAD migration and conversion with full support

Automate your processes

  • Achieve maximum flexibility for innovative product development
  • Automated integration processes lead to a low margin of error
  • Benefit from cross-departmental collaboration

XPLM converts your technology into competitive advantage

  • A reliable integration platform combined with customised extensions
  • Comprehensive expertise in integration solutions for PLM, ECAD, MCAD, ERP systems, as well as data conversion and data migration when changing systems
  • Keep your company up to date with the latest technologies in the industry
  • Offers maximum flexibility and scalability

Areas of expertise

Automated synchronisation or information connection between different IT systems is essential to the success of any business. XPLM's platform neutralises manufacturers' APIs and uses a separate data format to create a standard for connecting different IT systems.
Get access from your original work environment to data and processes from other data systems, experience system-neutral visualisation and processing of information in real time, as well as take advantage of linked data objects across system boundaries.
Implementation and consultation
Get full support in transforming your business with process consulting and services at the highest level. This includes, among other things, competent, thorough and effective analyses to create the right conditions for successful implementation.
With continuous care, maintenance and further development of PLM systems, you ensure optimal operation and maximum availability. With the right support, you can concentrate on strengthening your market position and free more time and space for innovation.

Migration and convertion
The biggest challenge in a system change is accurate and verified data migration and conversion, which in worst cases can lead to the loss of vital information. Reliable support during this process of converting CAD data and migrating metadata and documents is a good investment.

Learn more about XPLM

Reach out for a casual chat with one of our specialists to learn about your possibilities with XPLM.

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