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eBOM by Nordcad

We help you with seamless collaboration and management of your product throughout its lifecycle with the right PLM and QMS tools. Let us be your guide to your digital transformation.

  • 10+ years of experience with Highstage PLM across multiple industries
  • 100% cloud-based solutions

Your module-based PLM-solution

- because one size doesn't fit all

The Document module

Designed for professional document management. Strengthens your document workflow with review and approval processes. Get full control and find all documents with a single keyword.

  • Audit control of all documents
  • Templates and automatic document content
  • Compliant with GDPR legislation
  • Customise exclusive access and security across documents and departments

The Action module

Simplifies the management of activities such as projects, product development, requirements, features, bugs and customer support. Adapted to your company's needs and can be as detailed or simple as desired.

  • Implements your established business processes
  • Compliance with ISO standards, ITIL, GAMP and more
  • Built on the Stage-Gate model

The Part module

Handles all parts down to the individual screw and bolt to the complete product. An advanced BOM management system that audits and allows the definition, release and maintenance of each and every component.

  • Create sets of metadata e.g. electrical parameters, material parameters, etc.
  • Structural BOM that includes all relevant information about the product in a complete product structure
  • Bottom-up approval process before product release
  • Flexible variant management

The Device module

Manage all your shipped devices or communicate your installed devices. Can for example be used for internal management of device operating history, e.g. through customer complaint processes; track serial number variations, batches, etc.; or store documents such as service reports, certificates, IOT log data, etc.

  • Traceability of devices
  • Integrate with ERP/MRP
  • Configuration management
  • Device history and assembly control with barcodes or QR code scanners

An all-in-one PLM-system for all industries

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