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Antenna Design in Cadence® AWR®

Did you know that 49% of mobile connections will transition to 5G before 2025? Requirements for antenna design and performance are increasing exponentially. Are you in the process of designing antennas for wireless communication systems but feel overwhelmed by the complexity and scope of the task? With "Antenna Design in Cadence® AWR®," you have a comprehensive e-book at your fingertips that guides you step by step through the design process, helping you achieve optimal performance results and efficiency while reducing both design time and costs. Whether you are working on a wireless networking solution, satellite communication, or other applications, you will learn how to use Cadence® AWR® software to design antennas that meet your specific requirements. So, if you want to master antenna design and become an expert in using Cadence® AWR® software, "Antenna Design in Cadence® AWR®" is the right place to start.

    Learn more about:

    • Antenna design process in AWR®
    • Antenna types
    • Antenna development strategy
    • Introduction to the selcetion of AWR® tools within RF development
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