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17. August 2023
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SiliconExpert is an integrated component database that enables you to perform risk assessment of your electronic components and avoid costly and erroneous choices. With over a billion handcrafted components developed by a team of over 500 electrical, software, and data engineers, SiliconExpert offers a comprehensive and up-to-date toolkit for the electronics industry. By integrating SiliconExpert into your component database and synchronizing data and dashboards with the Component Information Portal (CIP), you gain an advantage in making better data-driven decisions and staying one step ahead.

Purpose of SiliconExpert

  • Risk assessment and component selection: SiliconExpert allows for risk assessment of electronic components and offers valuable recommendations for component selection. This assists designers in making well-informed decisions and avoiding expensive and erroneous component choices.
  • Real-time data and dynamic reports: The platform provides real-time data and generates dynamic reports that offer designers the most current information about components and supply chains. This ensures an efficient design process based on up-to-date data.
  • Risk and supply chain risk management: SiliconExpert aids in managing obsolescence risks, regulatory compliance, and supply chain risks. Designers can make component selection and supply chain decisions based on updated information about component lifecycles, obsolescence risks, lead times, and availability.
  • Detection of counterfeit components: SiliconExpert enables the detection and avoidance of counterfeit components. This ensures that designs adhere to the highest standards of quality and reliability, reducing the risk of errors and issues in the production process.
  • Efficient collaboration and partner network: The platform offers a broad network of electronic distributors and suppliers, enabling designers to collaborate with reliable partners and enhance their designs through a comprehensive source of electronic intelligence.


SiliconExpert P5 Platform:
The SiliconExpert P5 platform is a prominent resource supporting the entire product development lifecycle. It offers an extensive network of 20,000 electronic distributors and suppliers, making it one of the most comprehensive and neutral sources of electronic intelligence in the industry. With this platform, you can benefit from a wide range of information and collaborate with reliable partners to enhance your designs.

Recommendations and risk assessment in your BOM:
A crucial feature of the SiliconExpert P5 platform is the ability to receive valuable component recommendations and comprehensive risk assessments based on your Bill of Materials (BOM). You can identify components with risk and gain insights into their lifecycles, multi-sourcing opportunities, available inventory, and predictive lifecycles. This helps you make well-informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes in component selection.

Dynamic reports and real-time data available through synchronization:
By synchronizing the latest electronic component data and generating dynamic reports within seconds, the SiliconExpert P5 platform allows you to access real-time data necessary for decision-making. Updates are delivered in real-time, ensuring you always have the most current information at hand. This empowers you to make decisions based on current data and ensure an efficient design process.

Management of obsolescence risks, compliance, and supply chain risks:
The SiliconExpert P5 platform helps you effectively manage risks related to component obsolescence, regulatory compliance, and supply chain risks. You can choose the right components at the right time, manage component lifecycles and obsolescence risks, and access lead time information, price analysis, and availability analysis in just a few steps. Additionally, you can predict risks in your supply chain by obtaining updated information about delays, shortages, and global market trends. This helps mitigate risks and ensure a stable supply chain.

Another valuable feature of the SiliconExpert P5 platform is the ability to detect and avoid counterfeit components. The platform provides you with instant access to necessary data that supports you in making wiser decisions and selecting the best components for your designs. By eliminating the risk of using counterfeit components, you can ensure that your designs meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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