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XPLM x Nordcad: Integrate ECAD with PLM

How important is the use of data?

In most industries (read; all industries) the short answer is ‘critical’. However, most companies find it hard to utilize their data properly.

XPLM has decided to investigate that.

Their survey “Data Success Factor”, from 2022, reveals that industrial companies struggle to navigate the fog of data. As a result, leading to missed opportunities and added obstacles.

126 decision-makers from larger companies (+ 40 mio. EUR turnover) within mechanical engineering, automotive, electrical industry, etc. participated in the survey. They were asked about the challenges of data management:

  • 67% believed when exchanging data, security requirements are not always considered.
  • 70% said that data is kept in parallel without alignment of the information.
  • 70% thought that decisions are often made based on outdated/incomplete data.
  • 73% concluded that “manual” data exchange leads to errors, misunderstandings, etc.
  • 92% agreed that data from a centralized data tool would aid important decision-making.

These challenges also apply to product development. Juggling the processes of creating, designing, and launching a new product – or even ‘just’ improving existing.

Today, data is distributed across many software applications, as well as different departments and locations. Part of the solution is found in good habits and practices. The other is in the centralization and automation of your data.

In electronic product development, the solution is more specifically integrating your ECAD with PLM.

With XPLM integration, we offer a software solution that has been tried and tested in customer projects for many years.

This platform is based on the idea of neutralizing manufacturers’ APIs and using a separate data format to create a standard for coupling different IT systems. Using the platform, various authoring systems can be integrated with many common PLM systems.

Other authoring systems are supported alongside MCAD and ECAD.

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Marc Hutsch
Director of Sales & Business Development
Robert Huxel
Director of Marketing & Business Development
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