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Take control of your design data with OrCAD CIP

Top benefits

Access to extensive component libraries
Gain access to a vast repository of component information and models. This includes datasheets, specifications, footprints, symbols, and simulation models for a wide range of electronic components. 

This streamlines the design process by allowing you to quickly find and integrate components into your designs without having to manually search for or create component models.
Current and accurate component data
OrCAD CIP ensures that you have access to up-to-date and accurate component information. The portal regularly updates its database with the latest component datasheets, specifications, and models, ensuring that you have access to the most relevant information. 

This helps prevent errors and design issues that can arise from using outdated or incorrect component data.
Integration with design tools
OrCAD CIP seamlessly integrates with OrCAD's design tools, such as OrCAD Capture and OrCAD PCB Designer. 

This allows you to directly access component information and models from within your design environment, eliminating the need to switch between different software applications or manually import component data.

How it works

OrCAD CIP is a powerful component data management environment that enhances and extends OrCAD CaptureCIS.

It provides an intuitive, integrated interface to directly add or maintain component information for a CIS database as well as integrated online distributor access that facilitates component research on downloadable component content for millions of orderable parts.

OrCAD CIP provides enhanced access to a centralized SQL database, along with intuitive component database management.

The database comes complete with a 5,000-part starter library and to eliminate the work associated with populating such a database from scratch.

Once implemented, the shared CIP database or the solution’s integrated, online part distributors can be searched for parts that meet the designs’ requirements.

Key features

Starter library and schema
OrCAD CIP provides you with a starter library and schema to kickstart your design process.
Error-free and sourceable BOMs
OrCAD CIP generates error-free and sourceable Bills of Materials (BOMs) for designs created using OrCAD's design tools.
Dynamic parametric data
OrCAD CIP provides dynamic parametric data for components in its database.
Integrated new part introduction
OrCAD CIP facilitates the introduction of new parts into the component database seamlessly.
Customizable user permissions
OrCAD CIP allows administrators to customize user permissions to control access to certain features and functionalities within the platform.
Pre-built, verified models
OrCAD CIP offers pre-built and verified models for components in its database, including simulation models for use in circuit simulations.

The starter library includes a collection of commonly used components, such as resistors, capacitors, ICs, connectors, and more.

These components come with predefined schemas, which define the attributes, parameters, and relationships associated with each component.

The starter library and schema help users quickly begin their designs by providing a foundation of standard components and data structures to work with.

 The BOM includes a comprehensive list of components used in the design, along with their corresponding attributes, specifications, and sources.

The BOM generated by OrCAD CIP ensures accuracy and consistency by automatically synchronizing with the design data and component information stored in the platform.

Additionally, the BOM includes sourceable information, such as supplier names, part numbers, and pricing, making it easier for procurement teams to source components for production.

The data includes a wide range of parameters and attributes that describe the electrical, mechanical, and environmental characteristics of each component.

Users can view and compare parametric data for different components to make informed decisions during the component selection process.

Additionally, OrCAD CIP allows users to define custom parametric data and attributes for components to meet specific design requirements.

Designers can add new components to the database directly from OrCAD's design environment, such as OrCAD Capture or OrCAD PCB Designer.

The platform guides users through the process of defining component attributes, uploading datasheets and simulation models, and verifying component information before adding it to the database.

This integrated approach streamlines the introduction of new parts, ensuring that they meet the required standards and specifications.

Administrators can define user roles and assign specific permissions to each role based on the user's responsibilities and requirements.

For example, administrators can restrict access to sensitive data or functions, such as modifying component information or downloading simulation models, to ensure data security and compliance with organizational policies.

These models are thoroughly validated to ensure accuracy and compatibility with OrCAD's simulation tools, such as PSpice.

Having access to pre-built and verified models saves designers time and effort by eliminating the need to create or verify models manually.

Additionally, it enhances the reliability and accuracy of simulations, allowing designers to make informed design decisions with confidence.

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