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Shifting to one unified platform at Danfoss

For several years, Danfoss has faced the challenges with managing numerous ECAD tools, leading to inefficiencies in purchasing and component management. The pursuit of a unified platform stemmed from the need for streamlined processes and global synergy throughout several divisions.

In a nutshell

The challenge

Danfoss, a global leader in electronics development, faced challenges with managing multiple ECAD tools and lack of efficient component management. Navigating through complex functionalities and cumbersome user interfaces led to inefficiencies, leaving engineers frustrated and design processes delayed.

The solution

With Nordcad's expertise and personalized assistance, Danfoss's engineers received a detailed analysis-based review of their processes and a game-plan for setting up automation and migration processes to smooth the transition between tools. Additionally, Nordcad's comprehensive training programs in these processes, as well as translation of designs between the different tools, equipped the teams with the necessary skills to harness the full potential of their ECAD tools effectively.

The result

Thanks to Nordcad's expertise, support and training initiatives, Danfoss experienced a significant reduction in friction within their design flow. Issues that once caused delays and frustration are now swiftly resolved, allowing engineers to focus on innovation and meeting customer demands. As a result, Danfoss continuously delivers high-quality products efficiently and on schedule, reinforcing its position as a pioneering leader in electronics development.

The driving force behind "One Tool - One Danfoss"

After years of collaboration with Torsten Larsen, the ECAD Solution Owner at Danfoss, Nordcad embarked on a transformative journey towards consolidating multiple ECAD tools into one unified platform.

With a background spanning over three decades at Danfoss, Torsten's expertise and dedication as an ECAD developer laid the foundation for his role as the ECAD Solution Owner, overseeing all ECAD-related endeavors within the enterprise.

Collaborating with Nordcad, Torsten and his team meticulously examined Danfoss' processes, identifying opportunities for optimization and efficiency gains.

Implementing standardized workflows and automation ensured consistent, high-quality outputs across projects.

Despite initial apprehensions, key engineering teams at Danfoss embraced the transition to a unified platform, recognizing the benefits of streamlined processes and access to comprehensive ECAD information.

Torsten's approach emphasized collaboration and incentivization over coercion.

Simplifying complex translations and migrations

Translating and migrating designs across ECAD systems presented formidable challenges, particularly with Danfoss' extensive library of variant-rich designs. Through strategic processes and automation, Torsten and Nordcad facilitated seamless transitions while maintaining design integrity.

Centralized library management relieved designers of the burden of component creation, providing a comprehensive repository of standardized components. Johnny, the librarian, ensures quality control, enabling designers to focus on innovation.

We quickly realized that there were many low-hanging fruits we could pick to streamline the process. Nordcad has been responsive to our needs, highly proficient in delivery, and adept at asking probing questions to challenge us.
They have also assisted in automating output, ensuring consistent results every time. Our experience with Nordcad's support has been very positive; they are helpful and quick to assist.”
Torsten Larsen
Global ECAD Solution Owner, Danfoss

Working towards simulation and full synergy

Danfoss embarked on a journey into simulation and virtual prototyping, facilitated by seminars, expert teams, and strategic investments in licenses. Integration of ECAD-MCAD workflows and 3D modeling enhances design visualization and analysis.

While the road to full integration and standardization is long, Danfoss remains committed to leveraging a unified platform for enhanced synergy and efficiency. Torsten envisions a future where shared tools and standardized processes drive innovation and cost-effectiveness.

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Danfoss's evolution from a mechanical powerhouse to a leader in electronics development underscores the company's commitment to innovation and adaptation. Projects like the Ærø ferry exemplify Danfoss's transition, powered by shared libraries and collaborative efforts.

Torsten extends his gratitude to Nordcad for their partnership and support throughout Danfoss's transformative journey. As Danfoss continues to evolve, Torsten remains optimistic about the future, fueled by collaboration, innovation, and shared vision.

This encapsulates Torsten Larsen's pivotal role in Danfoss's journey towards a unified ECAD platform, highlighting the collaborative efforts between Danfoss and Nordcad to drive innovation and efficiency in electronics development.

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