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The Future of Wind Energy: Harnessing the Benefits of CFD

Wind energy is a popular source of renewable energy, but efficient blade and turbine design at the right cost is still a challenge. Fortunately, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can help. With this powerful tool, wind flows can be simulated and the performance of wind turbines can be optimized. Our e-book explores how CFD can be used to design more efficient and cost-effective wind turbines, with a focus on blade design and simulation using Cadence® Fidelity CFD. Read on and learn how to optimize your wind energy system and stay ahead of competitors in the renewable energy market.

    Read about:

    • The four pillars of successful wind turbine design
    • Optimizing wind turbine performance
    • The five keys to designing wind turbine blades
    • The CFD analysis process
    • CFD analysis techniques
    • CFD software
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