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17. August 2023
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ODB++ is an intelligent data package used in the electronics industry to transfer PCB design data between design software and manufacturers. It functions as a standardized format containing all the necessary information about the PCB design, including layer structures, component placements, connection patterns, drill data, and much more.


  • Complete and accurate representation of PCB design: ODB++ includes all relevant information about the PCB design, providing a comprehensive and precise representation of the design and ensuring that production aligns with design specifications.
  • Standardization of data format: By adhering to a standardized format structure, ODB++ facilitates communication and data exchange between design software and manufacturers, eliminating the need for conversion and ensuring that all parties work with the same format.
  • Error reduction and data integrity: ODB++ eliminates the risk of errors and data loss during transfer, enhancing data integrity and minimizing the need for manual input or modification of data that could lead to errors.
  • Efficient collaboration between designers and manufacturers: It simplifies communication and collaboration between designers and manufacturers regarding PCB production by including all relevant design information and enabling quick and precise comprehension of the design.
  • Compatibility with CAM tools: ODB++ is compatible with various CAM tools, enabling manufacturers to perform necessary analyses, checks, and verification of the PCB design before production, resulting in higher quality and efficiency in the production process.
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