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PCB Documentation

Professional tool for documentation in the final phase of your design. Secure your documentation through the OrCAD Documentation Editor and Blueprint.

  • Find and correct production errors in the design
  • Significantly reduce cost and documentation time

Automate your documentation process with BluePrint-PCB

With BluePrint, you can generate production- and documentation data very easily. Expect a reduction of the documentation process to just a fraction of what it usually takes.

  • Improves assembly instructions
  • Easy auto-generation of PCB views, details and tables from PCB CAD data
  • Live and interactive documentation with hyperlinks and multi-media
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Production and documentation data made simple

BluePrint provides unlimited PCB views and details while retaining the design intelligence and limitations imposed by both PCB and MCAD alternatives. The result is an electronic document that better articulates the instructions for successful PCB fabrication.
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Reduce cost and documentation time significantly

With BluePrint, PCB engineers can expect to reduce the documentation process to a fraction of the time it normally takes and even more when engineering changes are required.

Complete documentation

BluePrint can create manufacturing specifications and helps ensure that the products were built to the engineer's specification.

Intelligent PCB documentation

OrCAD® Documentation Editor is based on BluePrint technology. The tool automates your PCB documentation process and saves you time and money in the design phase.

  • No restrictions on PCB views
  • Import CAD data directly from OrCAD® PCB Editor (IPC 2581 is used)
  • Simple drag-and-drop function from tool menus
  • Add and reuse mechanical components in the design
  • Collect documentation including bills of materials, assembly and schematic

Obtain secure documentation with CAM350

With CAM350 you can quickly verify your PCB documentation for print vendors. You can check the design for e.g. short circuits, missing connections, distances, minimum annular ring using the network list. You can save time and money on faulty prints from the supplier.

  • Find and fix production errors in the design
  • Fast and flawless creation of NC files
  • Generate panels for the PCB easily and efficiently
  • Optimization of the Flying Probe Tester program
  • Identify collision and break-outs
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Downstream products

We have a solution for every one
Manage PCB documentations of your design
Automatic creation of PCB views
Reduce documentation time
Save time on handling documentation
Simplify the manufacturer's inspection time
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Verify design rules while designing
Direct import of design data
Analyzing production errors
Easy to learn and use
Inspection of copper, solder masks and etc.
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Perfect for the PCB Designer
Verify your PCB Design before sending to production
Optimering af program til flying probe tester
Hurtig og fejlfri oprettelse af NC filer
Generer paneler til printet let og effektivt
nemt at lære og bruge
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