Antenna design (AWR)

The best platform for designing RF and microwave products
RF- and Microwave circuits

RF- and Microwave circuits

You can easily perform all phases of RF and microwave component development, from schematic and layout to circuit analysis and optimization to electromagnetic (EM) extraction and lastly, verification.
Communication- and Radar systems

Communication- and Radar systems

Develop system architectures and radio component specs with behavioral models and communications standard blocks, perform system analysis, budgeting, and circuit co-simulation.
Antenna and EM analyses

Antenna and EM analyses

Design, analyze and optimize antennas with planar and arbitrary 3D electromagnetic (EM) solvers to simulate S-parameters, as well as view currents and antenna patterns.

RF/Microwave designs

Circuit design software for accurate RF/microwave simulation.

Microwave Office assists you to reach your goals faster and more efficient. RF-aware layout, high-frequency models, design automation, and powerful Harmonic Balance simulator ensure greater engineering productivity and accelerate design cycles for today’s most challenging applications.

Communication and Radar systems

System simulation and modeling for wireless communications and radar systems.

Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) is a comprehensive software solution which supports VSWR-aware modeling of RF and DSP blocks, making it easy to conduct time-domain, frequency-domain, and circuit-envelope analyses.

You can also simulate system metrics such as BER and EVM with pre-configured and user-defined virtual test benches, as well as identify the source of spurious products and other system impairments.

3D Planar EM Analysis

3D planar electromagnetic (EM) analysis for S-parameter extraction and design verification.

AXIEM 3D Planar method-of-moments (MoM) EM analysis simulator addresses passive structures, transmission lines, large planar antennas, and patch arrays. AXIEM software delivers the accuracy, capacity, and speed designers need to characterize and optimize passive components on RF PCBs, modules, LTCCs, MMICs, RFICs, and antennas.

3D EM Analysis

Finite-element method (FEM) electromagnetic (EM) analysis for 3D structures.

Analyst™ 3D FEM EM simulation and analysis simulator accelerates high-frequency product development from early physical design characterization through to full 3D EM verification. The advanced solver technology provides fast and accurate analysis of the 3D structures/interconnects found in today’s complex high-frequency electronics.

AWR Design Environment – Advanced RF technology

The AWR Design Environment platform provides RF/microwave engineers with integrated high-frequency circuit (Microwave Office), system simulation (VSS), and EM simulation (AXIEM/Analyst) to develop physically-realizable electronics ready for manufacturing.

This software solution helps you understand all parts of the circuit, and helps you optimize performance in all parts of the design – from IC to IC-package and PCB layout – first time around!

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