Electronics design from A-Z

It all begins in a schematic

We offer tools for the entire process of electronics design. The first phase is schematics where you need a tool with high usability. Our schematic tool is OrCAD Capture, which is the most used amongst most of the country’s and world’s leading electronics developers.

You can easily pair your schematic tool with a component library for easy access to all the symbols and footprints needed for your design.

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Simulation of your circuit

You need to simulate your design to make sure it does not have any errors or mistakes. There are several freeware simulation tools out there that can handle this, however you can never be sure that the results from these are correct.

We offer some of the absolute best simulators on the market to test your designs. Our secure and powerful simulators can test your circuit for errors that, if not found, later can turn out to be costly and compromise the design quality.

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Worldclass PCB layout

Once you have drawn and simulated your design, you can begin the layout process. Our PCB tool has been further developed and improved over the past years, both with regards to user interface and on the core technology.

You can now see your PCB in 3D viewing, which provides a much better overview of the finished result. When you make changes to the PCB, they are shown in real-time, and you can also run several checks to ensure the quality continuously.


The design is almost ready for production

When the design process is finished, it is almost ready for production. But before sending it to the PCB manufacturer, we recommend that you check your gerber files in a CAM tool. By doing so, you ensure that the PCB manufacturer can understand the files that your E-CAD systems produce. We offer some of the best CAM tools on the market for this part of the process.

The very last thing that you need to consider is documentation. The ones who assembly your design need documentation from you, and we have just the tool to complete this job, and it makes sure that the work is handled faster and more streamlined each time.

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Need help finding the right solution?

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