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Step into the next generation of electronic development with OrCAD X

Elevate your design to new heights with OrCAD X, the ultimate platform for your entire design process, from concept, schematic, simulation, layout to production. Experience lightning-fast performance, a remarkably intuitive user interface, and robust collaboration features. It's time to reinvent your design process.

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"Work smarter - not harder"

You've probably heard the saying before, but tight deadlines, continuous iterations, and rework make it nearly impossible to implement. Whether you want to collaborate more, have more integrated functionality, or automate processes, the solution is the same: OrCAD X.

OrCAD X is the future design platform for electronic development, encompassing all the tools for diagram drawing, component management, circuit simulation, team-based PCB design, SI analysis, and more, all on one platform.

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can seamlessly navigate between schematic and layout design phases. Electronics development has never been easier, faster, or more connected than it is now with OrCAD X.

Intuitive and user friendly GUI
With an intuitive and unified interface, you can seamlessly navigate between schematic and layout design phases.

Featuring a streamlined workflow with fewer mouse clicks and menus, more shortcuts, and faster navigation, it minimizes unnecessary barriers and promotes a smooth workflow.
Integrated database
CIS is ideal for individual design teams or teams collaborating across multiple locations. It provides designers with access to accurate data early in the design process and enables the transmission of complete component specifications to circuit designers and other members of the design team.
Cloud services
Enhanced cloud-based library formation and management support collaboration and standardization in component libraries. 

This ensures that the components used meet customer requirements and comply with standards while promoting cost-effective design practices.
LiveDOC and LiveBOM
Meet LiveDOC and LiveBOM, the future of manufacturing and assembly drawing documentation. With LiveDOC and LiveBOM, your documentation is always up-to-date and generated automatically through template-based processes. 

This integration seamlessly ties into single exports, streamlining your workflow and ensuring consistency.
Symphony team design
Symphony, the cornerstone of collaboration in OrCAD X, enables synchronized interaction between two users. 

Symphony allows real-time PCB design collaboration, regardless of physical location.
OrCAD X schematic

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Complex technology redefines requirements for efficiency, quality, and cost. With OrCAD X, you step into the next era of electronics development, where high-end features are now more accessible and user-friendly.

With increased functionality, 10x higher performance, and an extremely intuitive user experience, OrCAD X empowers you to create, explore, and realize your projects at lower costs without compromising on quality.

The most applied platform on the market

“The platform presents an exciting new PCB design environment that’s refreshingly intuitive while delivering all the capabilities needed to rapidly deliver next-generation hardware. Designers are empowered to collaborate and create in the cloud instead of being confined to the desktop.”
Jennifer Kolar
VP of Engineering, Monsoon Solutions, Inc.
"The intuitive UX with the new LiveDoc and Single File output are a game-changer."
Leo Garza
Design Manager, Rocket EMS, Inc.

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