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    OrCAD Overview

    A comprehensive overview to understand the capabilities of OrCAD.

    Schematic capture

    OrCAD provides an intuitive environment for creating electronic circuit schematics.

    You can draw circuit diagrams using a comprehensive set of components and symbols, making it easy to represent your design concept.

    PCB layout and routing

    OrCAD allows you to transform your schematic design into a physical PCB layout.

    You can place components, define footprints, route traces, and ensure proper signal integrity and power distribution.

    Advanced features like auto-routing and DRCs assist in creating professional-grade PCB designs.

    Simulation capabilities (PSpice)

    OrCAD enables you to simulate and analyze circuit behavior before actual implementation.

    You can perform various types of analyses, such as DC, AC, transient, and frequency domain analyses.

    Simulation results help identify potential issues and ensure the circuit functions as expected.

    Component database (CIP)

    OrCAD offers an extensive collection of pre-built component libraries, including standard parts and symbols for various electronic components.

    These libraries save you time by providing a vast selection of components to choose from, reducing the need for manual symbol creation.

    Component database (CIP)

    OrCAD provides features for collaboration and documentation, allowing multiple designers to work on the same project simultaneously.

    You can add comments, annotations, and design notes to enhance communication and maintain a comprehensive record of design decisions.

    Signal integrity analysis

    OrCAD includes tools to analyze signal integrity issues that may arise in high-speed digital designs.

    You can examine transmission line effects, impedance mismatches, crosstalk, and other factors affecting signal quality, helping you optimize your design for optimal performance.

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    Helpful Videos

    OrCAD overview

    OrCAD offers a customizable and user-friendly modern interface that provides real-time insights, empowering you to make informed decisions during schematic and PCB layout design.

    PSpice overview

    PSpice is the gold standard for design analysis, providing essential features like component tolerance analysis, manufacturability assessment, sensitivity analysis, and seamless integration with MATLAB for advanced systems simulation.

    New project in OrCAD

    Schematic entry is the first step in converting a concept into a design. OrCAD PCB Designer provides symbol libraries and connectivity features for easy schematic design.

    OrCAD Capture CIS

    Hierarchical design enables easy reuse of known circuit blocks, quick definition of circuits at a higher level, and effortless application of validated constraints to meet electrical requirements in PCB design.

    Simulation using PSpice

    Before proceeding to layout, it is essential to simulate your circuit to validate its behavior and identify any necessary modifications.

    PSpice simplifies this process by allowing you to simulate your design virtually using SPICE models and various simulation profiles.

    Migrating from Altium to OrCAD

    Here is a quick walk-through on how you can translate your Altium schematic and PCB design databases to OrCAD.

    Make sure that your design files are converted to the right file format first!

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