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OrCAD/Allegro PCB Design

Avoid errors on you PCB using OrCAD/Allegro PCB Design. Databases and user interface are the same for OrCAD and Allegro PCB solutions. This ensures a full scalability and provides a good opportunity to grow without having to learn a new tool. 

  • Real-time 3D & ECAD-MCAD
  • Real-time constraint based PCB
  • Integrated design flows

Flexible PCB Design 

Design smart - Choose OrCAD

High-speed Design

Differentialpair • Impedance • Copling
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Choose an ECAD supplier. All our tools can or are integrated with each other. This means that you never have to leave your ECAD tool throughout the entire design process.

3D PCB Design

Collisioncheck • Step models
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Region based rules

Constraint management • BGA Design friendly
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OrCAD PCB Design license types

Are you working in or running a startup or enterprise company, we have a solution for everyone.
OrCAD PCB Viewer
For every user
Measurements and dimensions
Perfect for reviewing PCBs
Cross-probing between schematic and PCB
Free download
Best for smaller projects
OrCAD PCB Standard
Best for beginners and smaller projects
3D handling
Cross-probing between schematic and PCB
Constraint based PCB design
PSpice Basic
Free PCB trial
OrCAD PCB Professional
For larger projects and high-speed signals
High-speed design
Rigid Flex Design
Real-time design
Including everything in PCB Standard
Free PCB trial
Allegro PCB
Special options and RF routing
Easy and fast routing of PCB
Auto routing
RF routing
Special options
Reuse modules
Including everything in PCB Professional
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Step into the next era of electronics design with OrCAD X

Complex technology is redefining requirements for efficiency, quality, and cost. With OrCAD X, you enter the next era of electronics development, where high-end features are now more accessible and user-friendly – an opportunity to explore advanced functions that were previously limited to more expensive solutions.

  • Extensive functionality
  • 10x higher performance
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Constraint-driven and collaborative

Panelisation of PCB

All PCB manufacturers use panels as it is usually the easiest way to increase the yield and reduce the production costs of your PCBs. You can prepare this directly with OrCAD/Allegro.
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Reduce production costs

Simplify the panel documentation process for yourself and your PCB manufacturer.

Model-driven technology for efficient design reuse

There is full control of the individual print and the option to use different types of print and panelize in the same panel.

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OrCAD PCB Standard
Popular choice
OrCAD PCB Professional
Allegro PCB
3D design with crossprobing
Real-time DFM Constraints
Dynamic cobber and routing
Rigid Flex design
High-speed design
Real-time design
RF routing and wirebonds
Special options
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