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Climate change and increasing amounts of electronic waste pose significant challenges to our planet. Instead of being overwhelmed by this threat, we can choose to focus on solutions. Companies around the world have already implemented renewable energy sources, electrification of transportation, and resource conservation.

As a forward-thinking engineer, you and your team also have an important role to play in creating a more sustainable future. By using tools like PSpice, you can help create more efficient and environmentally friendly electronic systems. Learn how designers, engineers, and project managers can use PSpice to help move towards a sustainable future, rather than contributing to e-waste.

Did you know that...

of design costs and time-to-market can be reduced on average by implementing PSpice simulation.

of the overall design cycle can be reduced on average by implementing PSpice simulation.

of testing time can be saved, since PSpice simulations can identify potential issues and accurately predict circuit behavior and performance with up to 99% accuracy.

Does this sound familiar?

The choice of component materials, operating temperatures, and product lifespan all affect the useful life of electronic devices. But how does managing operating temperature impact the device's lifespan, which directly contributes to climate change and generated e-waste? Much more than one might think.

Issues caused by high operating temperature:

  • Increased leakage current
  • Faster gate oxide breakdown - reduced Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
  • Higher conduction losses - accelerated movement of ionic impurities
  • Increased mechanical stress
  • Higher MOSFET on-resistance
  • Reduced MOSFET threshold voltage
  • Slower bipolar transistor switching
  • Reduced beta for a bipolar transistor
  • Risk of power consumption and thermal instability
  • Increased breakdown voltages
  • Reduced safe operating area (for BJTs)

Let PSpice take out the e-trash

Select components with minimal chemical impact and verify using PSpice for best results
Chemicals used in the production of electronic devices can be harmful to both the environment and human health. By choosing components with minimal chemical impact, one can reduce the negative effects of production. With PSpice, one can verify that the selected components meet the desired requirements and can function in the circuit as intended.
Save time, money, and the environment by simulating and verifying circuits to burn fewer or almost no prototypes
Traditionally, electronic product development requires multiple prototypes to be tested and adjusted to achieve the desired functionality and reliability. With PSpice, one can simulate the circuit and verify that it functions correctly before building the first physical prototype. This can reduce the number of required prototypes, thereby reducing both time and cost expenditure, as well as the overall waste from unused prototypes.
Design and manage derating standards to increase device lifespan
Derating standards are design principles that take into account how different components and materials can be affected by various temperatures and other factors. By following these standards, one can optimize the device's operating conditions and significantly increase its lifespan.
Increase yield with Monte Carlo and maximize available resources
Monte Carlo simulation is a technique that uses random numbers to simulate various possible scenarios for a circuit. By employing this technique, one can identify potential issues and optimize the circuit to maximize its yield and efficiency.

Save on costly resources with simulation

Imagine that you create a design and start using it in a real-life scenario. Suddenly, components on your PCB begin to fail, and the damage is done. These errors can easily be avoided by using a simulation tool to identify faults in your circuit and PCB before mass production. If you want to know how, you should watch our webinar with Kristian, who shares his experiences with customers and how you can avoid falling into costly traps.

SPICE up your PCBs

Finding the right tool that matches your team's needs and resources is no easy task. It can also be challenging to understand how SPICE simulation can benefit your design process, reduce costs, and, most importantly, environmental impact.

We have summarized an in-depth article on:

  • What SPICE is
  • What PSpice can do
  • 3 guaranteed ways you can apply SPICE to reduce time, money, and e-waste.
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