Component- and Data Management

Database – Version control – ECAD platform


Component database for OrCAD Capture CIS with option to integrate with SiliconExpert. Ensures the correct choice of components.


Effective version control of schematic symbols, PCB footprints and design data. Easy team design of schematics.
Allegro Pulse

Allegro Pulse

Integrated cockpit for ECAD project management, dashboards, issue tracking, part selection and analysis, discussion platform and document handling.

Component database

With OrCAD Component Information Portal you can track components, and see where they are used in each project. It is fast and easy to switch a component that is no longer in stock or has long delivery.

  • Ready-to-go database solution with web interface
  • Avoid any incorrect entries with direct access to component distributors
  • SiliconExpert integration
  • Easily find alternative components
  • Flow for temporary (Temp) components

Version control of design data

OrCAD Engineering Data Management is the ideal tool for keeping track on versions and changes made during the electronics design process. Features include:

  • EDM meets the demands for documentation
  • All changes in the schematic and PCB are traceable
  • All designers can store files the same place for easy access
  • Check-in and check-out of files
  • Simply make new versions of BOM with company design
  • Handles schematic symbols, footprints and design data

Allegro Pulse
A full ECAD platform

With Pulse you will get an even shorter design process with a guarantee to meet all your deadlines. This new design platform makes it possible to foresee, evaluate and reduce risks, as it always provides a true image of the design status, along with costs and expected end-of-project estimate.

  • Access to all project data directly from design environment
  • Automatic gathering of data and generation of dashboards
  • Access for project managers and other stakeholder via browser
  • Trace changes, register and discuss all potential issues
  • Part management with component choice

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