CFD Meshing

A powerful grid generation tool for creating CFD meshes
Structured Grid Generation

Structured Grid Generation

For applications that require 100% hexahedral, flow-aligned cells
Hybrid Meshing

Hybrid Meshing

A rapid method for meshing complex geometry with boundary layer resolution
Geometry Modeling CFD

Geometry Modeling CFD

Making clean geometry models suitable for CFD

About Pointwise

Pointwise is the advanced stand-alone CFD meshing software that allows for geometry model preparation and mesh generation. Compatible with a broad range of flow solvers, it generates even large and complex volume meshes, ensuring great accuracy and control of CFD simulations.

Pointwise is designed for engineers and other experts using CFD in their product research and development in different industrial sectors. It applies to technology projects in aerospace, automotive and marine, turbomachinery and aero- and vibro-acoustics, wind energy, heat transfer and many more industries.

Why choose Pointwise?

With its Glyph scripting language, Pointwise allows its users to automate the whole or a part of the meshing process. It applies to any CFD workflow, through mesh export and import tools and pre-built compatibility with other solvers and simulation tools.


  • Powerful, high quality meshing capability
  • Bottom-up approach for highly customizable meshes
  • Flexible integration with other tools
  • Fast meshing algorithm
  • User-friendly interface

Users of Pointwise can rely on a responsive, committed customer support through help desk and the regional office neptech AB, Nordcad’s partner for selling Pointwise in the Nordic region.

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