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How to control thermal reliefs

PCB Design quality and performance depends on so many parameters today; one is thermal relief connections to copper areas. With OrCAD/Allegro PCB you have great flexibility in handling thermal reliefs. It is fast and easy for you to manage the connection. This can be done…

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Test your designs using PSpice Basic

PSpice Basic is a free version of PSpice that is included in any PCB Designer license. In this video, we show you what the version includes, and the advantages of having it in your PCB tool.


Testdrive electronic theorems and analysis types with PSpice

“Learning PSpice” gives an explanation of the different topics, theorems, circuits  and analysis types, but also supplies the user with an interactive design so the user can try it our for themselves.


Two tips for Capture

Learn how to manage underline on user assigned reference designators. Also, get access to enhanced copy/paste between schematic symbols.

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Automatic updates for OrCAD/Allegro

Never miss another update for OrCAD/Allegro! In this video you can see how easy it is to enable automatic updates in the Download Manager.


Use 45 degree wires in Capture

In OrCAD Capture you often work with 90 degree angles for connections. You can also use 45 degree wires, which gives a better understanding of the circuit.


How to use large STEP files in 3D canvas

STEP files for mechanical elements such as frames or plugin prints can be extremely large. You can easily enable the use of these large STEP files, so they will be part of your 3D canvas.


Use PSpice output file as project documentation

The PSpice output file stores relevant information about models, tolerances, circuit values, and calculated values. Therefore, you can easily use the file as a documentation of your project.


Optimize performance for 3D mechanical mapping

A PCB can contain a lot of 3D elements, and you can optimize performance when adding mechanical elements to the PCB with the Step Package mapping feature.


Central control of Capture settings

In OrCAD Capture, the settings can be handled on a central level. The advantage is that everyone works with the same settings as well as that setting up a new PC takes minimal time. This is easily controlled with INI files.

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