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Release 2019 (17.4)

More updates coming…

News overview of QIR1

Get a quick overview of the new updates in OrCAD/Allegro 17.4. Here you can also see how to enable automatic updates in the Download Manager.

View objects in 3D (QIR1)

With the new 3D features in PCB Editor, you can easily create an overview of objects in a 3D view. Get a 3D view of nets for a better visual representation.

Version control of your designs (QIR1)

You can now version control your designs in OrCAD PCB Editor. By using Data Management, you never have to do manual handling of versions for your designs again.

Online DRC in Capture

With the new Online DRC in OrCAD Capture 2019 you can see errors as they occur in the design. This means that you can easily correct them and move on with the design.

Millions of components for your schematic

With Unified Part Search in Capture you can search through millions of components with schematic symbols, footprints, 3D STEP models and more. Place the component directly on the schematic and move on with your PCB design in no time.

Release 17.2

Real-Time Routing

This feature allows the designer to optimize design quality by identifying and improving all of 9 different routing configurations.

Real-Time Placement

Real-Time Placement makes component placement as simple as ever, and takes rastnest and timing into consideration.

Back drilling in Padstack Editor

The Back drilling feature eliminates unused sections of plated-through-holes in high-speed designs, in order to improve the signal integrity of the design.

Real-Time Design for Manufacturing

By conducting DFM checks throughout the design phase you can find errors in time, which means you do not have to make last-minute corrections.

DesignTrue DFM

DesignTrue DFM Ecosystem connects you directly with the world’s leading manufacturers, and you can easily find and implement specific constraints.

Real-Time Interactive3D

All customer products are in 3D, and therefore it makes it can be helpful to view your design in 3D as well. This feature eliminates you going back and forth between 2D and 3D, and lets you work on the design directly in 3D viewing.

3D Flex Bending

You can easily bend flex-parts of your design either single-wise or in groups. This helps you get an overview of where potential collisions can occur in the bending-part.

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