Consultant Agencies

Find a consultant to help you with design tasks

Do you need extra resources to help with PCB development?

Below is a list of PCB and design agencies that you can reach out to, if you want to hire a professional consultant to help with design tasks.

Schematic = Hardware development, OrCAD

Simulation = PSpice

PCB design = PCB layout

OrCAD Advanced PCB design = Highspeed design, Allegro

FirmaLandSchematicSimulationPCB designAdvanced PCB designLink
CB Svendsen A/SDK
Circle Consult ApSDK
Dansk IngeniørService A/SDK
Wise Choice ConsultingDK
ED Service-CenterDK
Ektos A/SDK
Jysk Data Print ApSDK
Prevas A/SDK
Lasse Grønbech Power Electronics ApSDK
Develco A/SDK
Power Advice ApSDK
Data Respons A/SDK
JA ConsultDK
J.K.Medico ApSDK
Axcon ApSDK

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