Press release: New PLM collaboration

New PLM collaboration in the Nordic region

From 1.1.2022 Nordcad Systems A/S in Denmark and eBOM AB in Sweden established a new company under the name eBOM by Nordcad AB, which is the primary distributor of the PLM system from Highstage A/S in Denmark.

These three essential players in the Nordic software industry already have intersecting collaborations established, and this new partnership will create even greater opportunities for companies to succeed with Product Lifecycle Management.

eBOM AB – PLM expert

“We are extremely excited to partner with Nordcad and expand our expertise in Product Lifecycle Management to even more customers in the Nordic Region,” says Daniel Nihlén, CEO and founder of eBOM.

He continues: “Our long-standing relationship and success with Nordcad positions us to extend sales and services of PLM in the Nordics. As a unified team, our solutions are helping customers, many of which are producing complex high-tech products, to develop and launch new products faster with better quality and less issues.”

When addressing the developer of Highstage PLM, Daniel mentions that: “Highstage’s approach to PLM and QMS advocates fast paced collaboration and connected systems throughout the enterprise. We are excited about the unique offering Highstage provide, with an architecture that allows us to tailor solutions for each customer while at the same time offering a fully scalable cloud platform, that streamline the overall product lifecycle process for hightech and medical device companies,”.

Nordcad Systems A/S – ECAD and PLM distributor

Nordcad Systems A/S has over the past years been on an exciting journey, where many new software solutions, new market shares, and several new employees have been added to the equation. Things are still moving in a fast pace, and there is a high demand for PLM solutions, where organizations can easily handle documents, components and internal processes.

“In Nordcad we are excited about this new partnership, and even more excited to welcome three highly qualified colleagues from eBOM. They all have years of experience with PLM systems and will contribute to grow an area of our business, that we have seen huge potential in over the past years”, says Arvid Thorndahl, CEO at Nordcad.

He continues; “We look forward to presenting our PLM tool to existing customers and new customers, who are looking for a solution that can help control documents, components and internal processes.”

Highstage A/S – PLM developer

Highstage A/S is very excited about having eBOM by Nordcad as a new partner, bringing lots of industry knowledge, PLM competency and market insight to the table. The new partnership will bring Highstage closer to customers across the Nordic countries and elevate the level of advanced Highstage competencies in the market.

“It has been a great affirmation of Highstage PLM capabilities and performance to see the enthusiasm with which eBOM by Nordcad has embraced our product. We are really looking forward to see this collaboration unfold”, says Per Reidar Ørke, CEO of Highstage.

For more information

Daniel Nihlén, CEO, eBOM by Nordcad AB – +46 704 868 985
Arvid Thorndahl, CEO, Nordcad Systems A/S – +45 96 31 56 90
Per Reidar Ørke, CEO, Highstage A/S – +47 909 76 415