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Fully integrable with highest fidelity and accurary with Pointwise

  • A stand-alone meshing tool that can be integrated into any CFD workflow
  • Achieve maximum performance and accuracy wherever you are in the design process

Experience high-order meshing without quality loss

Custom scripting
Customise a script or code your own solution to your design to increase the efficiency of your Pointwise environment.
High-Order meshing
In a mesh with billions of cells, it is beneficial to have a selection of hexahedral, overlooked, and high-order cell definitions to examine.
User-friendly interface
Regardless of your specific workflow, Pointwise ensures easy access to and optimal workflow with your mesh.
Easy import and eksport
No matter how many geometric models and different software you work with, Pointwise is built to handle easy import and export.

Realise the full potential of CFD with Pointwise

A powerful stand-alone meshing tool for creating structured, unstructured and hybrid meshes. With Pointwise's Glyph scripting language, you can automate all or parts of your meshing process.

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