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PCB All-in-One
The world's best PCB solution

The perfect solution for you, if you want the right tools at the right price
OrCAD PCB Designer Standard incl. schematic and PSpice Basic
Professional courses in schematics and PCB design
Denmark's best online support*
Preliminary price: 2.280.- save 65%
All of this for only 740 EURO
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1 year license

*This does not include phone support

Software for electronics development from fra A-Z

The first phase in electronics development is schematic design, where you need a simple and user-friendly tool. Our schematic tool is called OrCAD Capture, and is the most used schematic design tool in the leading electronics companies nationally and internationally.

We offer the market's most secure and powerful simulators to test the design both before and after construction. By testing your circuit, you avoid expensive mistakes and you ensure the quality of the finished product.

You can view your PCB design in 3D to get a better overview of the finished result. All changes you make can be made in real-time, and you can perform various checks to ensure quality along the way.

Choose an ECAD supplier. All our tools can be or are already integrated with each other, which means that you never have to leave your ECAD tool throughout the design phase.

Discover the possibilities with PCB All-in-One

Millions of component data
Databases and user interface

The package contains

All types of electronics tools with fantastic support


The world's most powerful schematic entry
Cross probing and rule setup for PCB
Hierarchical design
Database integration

PCB design

The market's best and most flexible solution
Real-time 3D & ECAD-MCAD
Real-time rule-governed PCB
Integrated design flows

PSpice Basic

Test your circuit and avoid costly mistakes
DC, frequency, noise and time-domain analyses
Thousands of simulation models directly from the supplier
Fast and correct modeling of components and sources

E-learning og chatsupport

Access to training and support from our technicians
Our e-learning course teaches you to design schematics and make PCB designs in a flash
You get access to schematic training, where you learn to draw circuits simply and efficiently
Use our live chat on the website or write to our technicians who offer help via e-mail

We deliver

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