Product Lifecycle Management

Why choose a PLM system?

Product Lifecycle Management

The world is everchanging and the electronics industry is under constant development. 10 years ago, designs had longer lifespans, and a component could exist for more than 20 years. Today it is a different story, as the lifespan of a design has more than halved. A component rarely lives longer than five years before becoming obsolete.

Previously, electronic engineers used spreadsheets for documenting products and versions. Now the requirements have changed when it comes to lifespan, traceability, and sharing information with colleagues and suppliers. There is need for a system to provide a single source of truth over the course of the product’s lifecycle. This is where PLM, Product Lifecycle Management, comes into the picture.

Your supplier:
eBOM by Nordcad

All our PLM sales & services are now handled through eBOM by Nordcad, and this strong partnership brings the best PLM and QMS tools to the market. eBOM by Nordcad is building on 10+ years of experience within PLM. The team is located in Malmö, Sweden, and is serving customers around Europe.

eBOM by Nordcad is the main distributor of Highstage PLM.

The product:
Highstage PLM

Highstage has helped create top-performing businesses for more than 15 years with their innovative approach to PLM and QMS. Offering a highly customisable platform that is still very quick to implement, Highstage has a unique position in the market.

Highstage supplies everything for product management and document control. Nordcad has developed a direct integration to Highstage, which means that you can stay in your ECAD tool while checking in and out projects and components.

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