Product Life Management

Why choose a PLM system?

Product Life Management

The world is everchanging and the electronics industry is under constant development. 10 years ago, designs had longer lifespans, and components could exist for 20 years or longer. Today is a different story, and the lifespan of a design is more than halved. A component rarely lives longer than five years before becoming obsolete and unusable in today’s designs.

Previously, the electronics engineer used a spreadsheet for documenting products, versions etc. Today the requirements have changed for e.g. traceability, lifespan etc. Because of this, we now trust computers to do the work by automating these processes. We work closely together with two large PLM organizations, which makes it easy to choose the right system for your company.

Highstage PLM

This PLM systems is developed by electronics engineers for electronics companies. The system origins from Sweden but is now owned by a Danish team.

Highstage is a simple PLM system, that you can easily get start using without any major costs. The system is suitable for companies that have up to 50 users, and you can customize UIs, profiles and more.

Highstage supplies everything for product management and document control. We in Nordcad have developed a direct integration to Highstage, which means that you can stay in your ECAD tool when checking in and our projects and components.

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