Connecting your IT systems for a smoother workflow

Get the most out of your CAD tools

These days it is very important to exchange information between your different IT systems. The purchasing department might hold information, that is crucial to the designer, who is working on developing new products or updating existing designs. Not being able to share information can result in wasted time and product errors.

We have experience with integrating various IT systems, ensuring that the individual systems show the data, that the designer or purchase manager might need.

Information to and from ERP system

All organizations have an ERP (economy) system (SAP ,Navision, C5, AX, E-conomic and others). The economy system is the backbone of your organization’s financial data, and often function as the purchase system. An ERP system can manage these functionalities but can rarely double as a database for e.g. CAD components.

The designer will need another type of information from e.g. the purchase manager, which is why we have build many integrations with our CIP database as the focal point. This means that the data found in the designer’s database, are exactly the data needed in the design phase. And at the same time, the purchase manager have all the data needed in the ERP system.

Smooth integration between PLM and CAD system

Over the past years, many of our customers have requested PLM systems (Siemens Teamcenter, Arena, Aras, Windscheield). A PLM system can often result in more work for the designer, purchase manager etc. due to checking in and out documents, designs, BOMs etc. of the PLM systems. You can minimize this work by creating integrations between your CAD and PLM systems.

We are Gold Partner for XPLM, which is the world’s largest supplier of integrations. Along with XPLM we can make integrations that allows you to stay in the CAD tool, and thereby you don’t have to open the PLM system to check data in and out. This ensures that you are always working with the latest revision of your design.

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