Component service

Keeping track on your component data

Component service

The lifespan of components is becoming shorter og and shorter, and today there are many requirements for updating and maintaining component libraries. In the past, many companies have had a component librarian, whose job was to maintain libraries. However, not many do this today. We offer solutions to handle this task, reducing the time spend on components.

OrCAD CIP with SiliconExpert integration

With the standard database from OrCAD and an integration to SiliconExpert it is easy to update components with the latest information. If there are requirements for RoHS Compliant or chemical data, it is also possible to meet these.

Our technical staff can in just a few days move your old database into the finished SQL solution, where you are no longer dependent on a database developer.

Symbols, footprints and 3D drawing of components

In our tools you can find a direct link to portals supplying symbols, footprints and 3D drawings of components.

If these libraries do not meet your requirements for components, we also offer component maintenance service through monthly subscription or a voucher solution.

Reach out to our technical team to learn more about our options, and how you ensure to always keep an updated component library.

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