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'Best-in-class' schematics with the best performance on the market

Experience the most widely used schematic design tool in the market that not only improves productivity but also ensures compliance with industry standards and best practices right from the beginning of the design process.

Achieve effortless synchronization between schematic and layout design

Instead of manually transferring constraints, OrCAD X enables effortless synchronization with a single click. This ensures that the constraints used in the diagram are accurately translated to the layout, maintaining consistency between the two design representations.

  • Simplifies design iteration, reduces the risk of errors due to mismatched constraints.
  • Improves overall design accuracy.

Cloud connectivity supports collaboration

Cloud connectivity has revolutionized the way we work. OrCAD X Capture allows simultaneous collaboration across borders. The ability to manage version control and share design data in the cloud streamlines collaboration and eliminates the need for complex data transfers.

  • Rapid deployments increase engineers' productivity and expedite project completion.
  • Seamless implementation with flexible solutions and massively scalable, cloud-ready tools.
  • Secure, tested solutions trusted by industry-leading customers.

Variant design

OrCAD X Capture enables the design of different variations of a schematic and efficiently manages them during production. With color-coded components and the ability to generate variant reports and parts lists, achieving the necessary flexibility in your design has never been easier.

  • Achieve more efficient, accurate, and reliable designs.
  • Save time, reduce the risk of errors, and get assistance in meeting the requirements of modern electronics design.
OrCAD X Diagramtegning, Capture

Access an extensive system with thousands of reference designs and users

OrCAD X includes a wide range of reference designs and an active user community. Gain access to a treasure trove of pre-designed circuits, layouts, and solutions for inspiration or direct use in your own projects.

  • Thousands of reference designs for proven solutions to various design challenges that accelerate your design processes and reduce the need to start from scratch.
  • Promotion of knowledge sharing, best practices, and collaborative problem-solving through the large user community.

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State-of-the-art features

Autowiring, Skalar, and BUS-forbindelser
OrCAD X Capture offers automatic wire connection and the creation of both Scalar and BUS connections. This minimizes manual errors and streamlines the process, allowing for more focus on design and less on routine work.
Support for multiple netlist formats
OrCAD X Capture is designed with flexibility in mind and supports multiple netlist formats. This is crucial for achieving a seamless collaboration process with other tools and platforms.
Integrated DRC and ERC
The software's integrated DRC and ERC engine go beyond just identifying errors - it prevents them from occurring. By enforcing design rules and electrical standards along the way, OrCAD X Capture minimizes the potential for design problems and reduces the need for extensive corrections later on.
Hierarchical and flat design
OrCAD X Capture allows designers to choose between hierarchical and flat design structures depending on the complexity and requirements of the project. The hierarchical approach allows for the division of large projects into smaller, more manageable modules, while flat design is ideal for smaller projects or situations where hierarchy is not required.
Comprehensive import and export
OrCAD X Capture supports a wide range of import and export formats, ranging from standard industrial formats to third-party tools. This versatility ensures that your design data can be shared and utilized effectively in various development environments.
Comprehensive library creation and management
OrCAD X Capture includes an impressive collection of over 34,000 pre-made parts spanning a wide spectrum of component types. This extensive library allows designers to quickly and easily select the right components, helping to expedite the design process.

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