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Take a quantum leap with next-generation PCB design

Built on the well-established OrCAD/Allegro platform, OrCAD X introduces a reimagined user interface that not only offers improved user-friendliness but also greater accessibility and a faster learning curve.

  • 10x greater performance
  • The most comprehensive range of functionalities in the market

Facilitate compliance with all specifications effortlessly

Complying with all requirements and specifications for an electronics design is a cumbersome challenge that demands a lot from all parties involved. The built-in constraint manager operates as a cockpit, keeping track of all design requirements. These requirements are specified as early as possible, right at the schematic level.

The extensive array of rules allows the designer to address both simpler spacing requirements and timing for high-speed interfaces. This method ensures that communication happens early and automatically carries over to PCB design without the need for oral handovers. Afterward, everything proceeds collaboratively, and rule changes flow seamlessly from PCB back to schematic.


3D Design and ECAD-MCAD

Integrate your electronic and mechanical design processes with 3D design and ECAD-MCAD collaboration. Ensure that your components fit within the mechanical enclosure and meet the necessary physical requirements, such as mounting space, heat dissipation, and collision detection.


Ensure that your project is manufactured with efficiency in mind. With DFM, you'll minimize production issues and costs, while DFA will contribute to a simpler assembly process, resulting in a more streamlined production chain and higher product quality.

Rule-based Constraint Regions

Define specific areas on your PCB with different design constraints. This is crucial to ensure that certain areas of the design meet specific requirements, such as rigid-flex areas, BGA areas, etc.

Meet product requirements and reduce costs

Advanced features such as the market's widest array of rules (constraints), online design rule checks, and automation functions ensure exceptional product quality. Costly errors are avoided because they are detected as soon as they occur, rather than late in the design process.

Documentation for both manufacturing and assembly is done in LiveDOC, and it happens quickly based on custom or built-in templates. With any PCB design change, documentation is automatically updated, preventing costly errors due to missing documentation updates.


With LiveDOC, you are assured that your project's documentation is always up-to-date and easily accessible. Add, edit, or modify documents in real-time, eliminating delays and errors that can occur in traditional static documentation methods.


DFM (Design for Manufacturing) and DFA (Design for Assembly) check the design online, helping to detect errors early in the design process and reducing the likelihood of costly production errors and extensive rework.

Dynamic rules for phase control of differential pairs

Dynamic rules assist in optimizing the routing of differential pairs for signal integrity, which is crucial for meeting customer requirements for high-speed designs.

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Experience a selection of OrCAD X features and functionalities. For an extensive list, please contact us.
OrCAD Standard
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OrCAD X Standard
New intuitive ease-of-use user model
Complete constraint manager
Review & markup
Optimized 3D
ECAD-MCAD integration
Solidworks MCAD X interface
OrCAD X Cloudservice
Post-proces automization
Virtual team and collaborative workspace
2-person PCB team design
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Industry-leading features

Intuitive and unified UI
With an intuitive and unified interface, you can seamlessly navigate between schematic and layout design phases. Bidirectional synchronization, from schematic to layout and vice versa, is now facilitated through a single interface. This transformation ensures that the transition between these design phases is smooth, minimizing potential deviations and increasing overall cohesion.

With a streamlined workflow featuring fewer mouse clicks, menus, and more shortcuts, unnecessary barriers are minimized.
Constraint-driven routing
OrCAD X sets a new standard in PCB routing with constraint-driven routing. This robust set of functionalities includes routing features like Route, Slide, Fanout, Tuning, Group Route, and Flex Route.

This set allows you to create complex designs with precision and agility, achieving optimal signal integrity and performance.
Fastest integrated 3D on the market
OrCAD X breaks new ground with its integrated 3D features, unparalleled in speed and versatility. With a speed surpassing older systems by an impressive factor of 10, our 3D integration offers instant transitions between 2D and 3D environments.

Gain full control over symbol and model visibility and transparency and harness the power of 3D Clearance DRCs to ensure a flawless design process.
Seamless navigation and Cross-probing
To enhance precision and accuracy, a new cross-probing mechanism has been integrated. This mechanism allows designers to cross-probe directly from the preview panel to relevant objects within your schematic and layout.

This streamlined navigation promotes a holistic understanding of proposed changes and their consequences, facilitating more informed decision-making.
Two-way integration between OrCAD and Solidworks
OrCAD X bridges the gap between PCB design and mechanical engineering with its groundbreaking two-way integration with SolidWorks. 

With seamless information transfer, OrCAD automatically generates SolidWorks models and prepares components, areas, cutouts, and mounting holes for simulation.
Meet LiveDOC, the future of manufacturing and assembly drawings. With LiveDOC, your documentation is always up-to-date and generated automatically through template-based processes.

This integration seamlessly ties into single export, streamlining your workflow and ensuring consistency across your design documentation.

Get your designs ready for the next generations electronics with OrCAD X

Have a casual chat with one of our specialists about your many options and possibilities in OrCAD X.

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