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IoT (Internet of Things)

Internet of Things has been an inevitable subject the past few years. Most consumer products today should preferably connect to a smartphone or other handheld devices. We work with many companies that develop devices and products, which you can control wirelessly.

We have a lot of experience with helping to build electronics where RF, power and speed go hand in hand. The road from idea to finished design is short with our tools, and you can easily get started on your IoTs with few and simple design tools.

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We also work with some businesses in the military industry. Here, discretion is the most important factor, and we know that NDA is an inevitable demand. The requirements for military equipment have the past years changed a lot, and the products now contain much more high-speed electronics. Computing power and communication are only some of the components, and more often than not we see fewer but more expensive prototypes.

In this industry we recommend that you start with schematics, and hereafter you create the PCB design. Simulate the design in your post-simulation tools to check that timing and EMC comes together. We know that many military establishments use PLM systems, and here we can supply integrations or complete systems. Below are the most used tools in the military industry.

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We work with many medico companies, and know about the strict requirements you face, when electronics need approval with regards to patient safety. The requirements for electronics differ from size and shelf life to safety in correlation to other products. You also need to meet requirements for documentation, and we can help you with just the right tools for this.

We recommend you begin your design process in our schematic tool. Then use PSpice for simulation and make the PCB design before documentation. You can read about the recommended tools below.

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Electronics are a large part of all industrial products today. Pumps, measurement equipment, converters etc. must be able to communicate with other systems. The past years there has been made huge investments in making the technology work together with mechanical designs. Our design tools support integrations to all mechanical tools on the market, and these tools make it easy for the different design groups to share data.

Working in the industrial sector, you should begin the design process in a mechanical tool, and later transfer the data directly into our PCB design tool.

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During the past five years electronics have become a huge factor in the automotive industry. Many of our users in the industry experience that electrification of vehicles has a lot of focus. Our software supplier Cadence has been working with the automotive industry for years, and our tools are therefore approved by the highest automotive standards, such as the ISO 9002.

Begin the electronics design with schematics. Simulate your design using PSpice, before beginning the PCB layout process and documentation.

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