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Footprint & symbol generation

Designing footprints, symbols and 3D models can require a lot of time for the designer. You can shorten this time by using some of the best footprint and symbol generator tools.

  • Eliminates errors during manual process and improves design quality
  • Save up to 80% of your time when building libraries

Make your work easier and create footprints according to IPC

Ensures consistent footprints every time

Library Builder

Your shortcut to symbols and footprints

Avoid the tedious work involved with symbol properties and building them. OrCAD Library Builder reads datasheets and inserts information to each pin on the symbol.

  • Make it simple to build complex footprints
  • Import of data from pin tables and schematics for quick symbol generation
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PCB Libraries

Minimises footprint creation time with up to 90%

PCB Libraries is a distributor of tools to autogenerate footprints, which can be linked to all ECAD tools. This way, you avoid the slow process of building footprints and 3D models.

  • IPC-7351 compliant
  • Update libraries with new values in one process
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Customers who use Library builders from Nordcad

IQM uses AWR to make RF/microwave chips for quantum computers. We also use AWR to design RF matching circuits and components such as filters and I think AWR offers good opportunities to speed up our efforts for all of this.
Jaakko Jussila
Team Leader, IQM Quantum Computers
With the help of Nordcad, we built a cloud solution for our licenses so that they can be accessed no matter where we are in the world. In addition, Nordcad offers a flexible solution that makes it possible to grow without investment. This has enabled us to support customers from day 1. You always feel like part of the family at Nordcad. If you come up with a problem, the support is fantastic and you really feel like you get help right away.
Steen Kaare Grøndahl
Founder and CEO, Wise Choice Consulting ApS

Save up to 80% of your time when building libraries

  • Eliminate errors during manual process and improve design quality
  • Automatically build your footprints to IPC-7351 specifications straight from the vendors’ datasheet or define custom requirements
  • Rigorous check- and verification tools
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