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Computational Fluid Dynamics

With Fidelity™ CFD, you can solve fluid mechanics challenges such as incompressible and compressible flows, laminar flows, acoustics, particle tracking, heat exchangers, combustion phenomena and much more. If you need a stand-alone meshing tool, Pointwise automates all or parts of the meshing process for you and your team without loss of quality and control.

  • High quality meshing in record time
  • Efficient post-processing and improved dataset

Industry leading tools

In simulation and meshing

Fidelity™ CFD

High-Order solvers • All-Inclusive •  Custom GUI

Fidelity Pointwise

High-Order meshing • Flexible import and eksport
With a customised workflow, industry-specific templates and top-speed solvers, simulating flow mechanics has never been more efficient. Save time, minimise costs and generate reliable data for a fully optimised design.

Our CFD tools excel in preprocessing technologies have integrated optimisation that improves accuracy, and are highly automated with customisable GUI.

Custom industry modules

With CFD, there are almost endless possibilities for fine-tuning and optimizing vehicles across several parameters such as external aerodynamics, acoustics, engine efficiency, electrification, comfort, etc.
Virtual fleet architecture with free surface modeling and scalable optimisation processes. Solve and optimise propulsion, resistance, sea conditions, wind studies and maneuvering through dedicated workflows.
Modeling phenomena such as external aerodynamics, propulsion, incompressible flows and turbulence modeling each require degrees of accuracy. Customisable workflows are necessary for the need for optimal accuracy.
Turbo machinery
Upgrade your production of applications such as impeller technology, hydraulic turbines, axial flow machine and turbocharger technology for greater and better energy transfer in various flow machines.

Steady State

Choose accuracy in your simulation, e.g. RANS and time-dependent scale resolution models or for conditions with pressure or density based solvers.

Automatic waterproof meshing

With Autoseal, the design process is reduced from weeks to hours.

Automated workflows

Optimised speed and reliability of workflows through intelligent CPU/GPU resources.

Built-in automation

Unique automation for resistance at low and high Froude numbers, seakeeping, propulsion, trim optimisation, open water propellers, etc.

Free surface solution

Efficient free surface modeling with respect to both water and air, appropriate turbulence modeling and efficient grid adaptation.

Superb accuracy and speed

Account for changing ocean conditions in the design process at high speed without loss of accuracy on results.

Custom workflows

Import and export a quality mesh to any solver format. Explore hybrid RANS/LES methods and convergence acceleration technologies in your custom GUI.

Unique mesh generation

Optimise your CFD efficiency while maintaining excellent reliability and accuracy.

Improve accuracy

While RANS methods provide reliable accuracy, additional methods such as High-Order, DNS and LES can all be used to improve accuracy.

Spectacular solvers

Nonlinear harmonic methodology helps analyse unsteady flows, transient behavior and fast tonal noise faster than ever before.


Meshing of complex geometry can be done in minutes and allows to create structured, unstructured or hybrid meshes efficiently.

Optimisation of design cycles

Avoid overcomplicated workflows with one unified platform for design, simulation and optimization in one place.

CFD license types

Fidelity Automesh
Automesh Mesh Generation automates the time-consuming and heavy preparation of geometry setup without loss of detail and delivers a quality mesh ready for simulation in virtually real-time.
Fidelity Marine
Marine excels in its free surface solution, trim optimisation and highly automated workflows that enable CFD simulations faster and more accurately than ever before. With EEXI calculations selected, you can also get ahead of potential requirements for optimisation and maintenance.
Fidelity Flow
By simultaneously solving momentum and continuity equations, the pressure-based solver can provide faster convergence compared to more classical solvers. The density-based solver enables solving in multiple phases and types of fluid flows with the fastest technology on the market.
Fidelity Optimization
Optimization delivers multidisciplinary design optimisation combined with uncertainty measurement that allows engineers to account for variables in the geometry and add states and conditions to ensure the design performs optimally throughout the process.

Ready to learn about the many benefits of CFD?

Our expert, Anders, introduces you to the basic principles behind Computational Fluid Dynamics, demonstrates some of the tools' features and includes some inspiring examples of the application of CFD simulation.

Get off to a great start with CFD

Have a preliminary and casual chat with our specialist about the many options in Fidelity and Pointwise.

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